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Loose Chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Matchstick01, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Hey guys
    I have a cbr250rr, and i have a problem with the chain being too loose on it. I've recently had it in for a regrec replacement, and less then a week it had to go back for a loose chain. The guys at sydney city motorcycles told me tightening the chain you can do yourslef in about 10 mins and that i shouldn't need to take it to them to do it. They said they were signing me up for a basic motorbikes mechanics course they run where they show me how to do it. However, the problem now is that I would have done over 1000km since i got it back 8 days ago, and its loose as hell again. Last night riding back to sydney from wollongong, at one stage it just changed down a gear by itself while i was doin bout 80 clicks. I still don't know how to do it myself, does this mean i have to keep taking the bike down to sydney city motorcycles every week or two until i can learn how to do it? Is it particularly dagerous riding with it how it is for a little while, like just to work until i can take it down? Are there special tool kits out there with everything i need so i can do it myself? Instruction books? At the moment moneys a bit tight, i can't afford to have to keep taking the bike down to the shop. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. use this as a reference... every bikes are different..

    Do a search in google..."how to adjust chain slack" and you will see plenty of info..
  3. If your bike has the factory toolkit then you should already have all the tools needed - otherwise you can make do with just a set of metric spanners. Procedure is fairly simple - loosen off the nut on the rear axle then turn the adjusters on the swingarm to move the wheel backwards. When the amount of slack is right and the rear wheel is straight tighten up the axle nut and you're done. This article might help (it has pictures :)):
  4. Cool, thanks guys, will try that out.