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loose chain question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by sillygit, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Hey All,
    I tightened my chain about 2000 km after a service and since then it seems to have loosened up again (now about 4000 km after the service). I was wondering if that's normal and, if it's not, what would be the possible causes?

    Some details;
    * It's an '04 VTR250
    * It's done about 15,000 km
    * It's been serviced by the book
    * I lube the chain every few hundred km

    So far I'd guess;
    * If the chain is too tight it could 'stretch' when the rear suspension flexes.
    * hmm, I can't think of anything else :)

  2. It's perfectly normal for a chain to stretch as it wears out (as it will eventually)

    Just make sure you keep cleaning and lubing it on a regular basis and it should last you a while.

    It will need replacing when the sprocket is worn out, or you can no longer move the wheel further back.
  3. Cool, thanks ginji. I'll tighten it up again on the weekend... :)
  4. Actually, there are "wear" indicators on the side of the swinging arm where the rear axle passes through.

    Follow these as a guide for when to replace the chain and you will do better: if the chain is replaced at the right time you won't need to replace sprockets. This will save you a lot of money and extra effort.

    Sprockets only wear because the chain has stretched past a "good" amount - the extra length in the chain means that the rollers are slightly further apart and so no longer sit down in th hollow of the sprocket, but ride up on the upper edge.

    To make things even worse, on the top side of the rear sprocket you will see a worn chain sitting up on the leading edge of the teeth, while on the bottom they will be sitting up on the trailing edge of the teeth. That is all that "hooks" the teeth on a sprocket - not the excessive power of your VTR, but excessive wear of the chain!

    Avoid tightening the chain - you are just adjusting for correct slack or play. When it is too tight it actually gets tighter as you ride, and also produces a loud whirring noise as the bearings are stressed.


    Trevor G

    PS If you carefully lube and adjust the chain you should get 15-20,000 km from 2 chains before you have to replace sprockets at 35-40,000 km.

    We are just doing that very job. After-market sprockets are $35 front and $45 rear while an X-ring DID chain is $130. The sprockets are not all that expensive but take some time and effort to replace.
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    Check this video out ,it gives you a few tips and good info on ajusting the chain,you maybe over tightening it.

    You probably know what your doing ,but anyways some one else will get a few tips out of it.


    Also check out his other videos ,click on Buymoto in the Blue square.
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    That video and his others are really good!! Should sticky them or something

    How to change a tyre: