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Loose chain, how do I tighten?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Glennb, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Hi all. I have a Kawazaki GPX250 and have found my chain has become very loose.So loose its hiting my centre stand when braking and changing down the gears.
    Can someone please explain or give me a link on how to tighten my chain.


  2. One point that ALL guides forget to mention (and me somtimes too!)

    Dont forget to re-adjust your rear brake if its a cable / rod brake like mine..... - if i tighten my chain, i also reduce my rear pedal movement and i end up with easily locking rear wheel !

  3. Thanks for that . So its pretty much just moving the wheel back till the chain is tighter.
    Why does this loosen?
  4. Yep, move the wheel back but not until the chain is taught, you still need some slack. Handbook will tell you how much and how to check it.
    The chain streches as it wears, perfectly normal. Bike chains need regular lubrication and that's a good time to check the slack. If you've just noticed it was loose enough to be slapping the centre stand perhaps you aren't lubeing (is that a word?) the chain often enough.
  5. Ive been traveling quite a bit over the week. I had notice about 2 inches of slack about a week ago, but thought it was ok. I noticed a tapping noise a few days ago, so thought it may need oil so I got some chain wax. Now I have 4 inches of slack. Go figure.
  6. If you han't been lubing the chain it probably developed some tight spots (this means damaged O'rings so lune every few 100kms). Lubing the chain often fixes tight spots if the chain's not too badly damaged so that explains the slack after you got the lube onto it.

    Remember that when you sit on the bike the chain will tighten as the swing arm moves up relative to the front sprocket. If you don't have an owner's manual, you can often find a sticker on the chain gaurd telling you how much slack to leave in the chain. If you can't find any recomendation from the manafacturer, then best bet is to have a friend of similiar weight sit on the bike and check the chain slack. You want about 2-2.5cms of slack while your mate sits on it.

    After adjusting the chain (remember to re-tighten the axle nut) go for a ride. If you hear a crunching sound as you take off it's still a smidge to loose. If you find the ride too rough, it may be a smidge too tight. Even a 1/4 turn of the nut can be a big difference in chain tightness. :D
  7. Wash it in hot water....I find thats the best way...
  8. To clean it??? (Surely not to adjust it :LOL: ) That's a good tip but what is it the best way to go about doing? :?
  9. :facepalm: What happens when you wash things in hot water?
  10. They expand??

    I splash water on my crotch???
  11. Cheers guys, just bought the bike so not sure what maintenance has been done.
    So how often should I oil my chain?? every 1000ks ok.
  12. More like every 300-600kms should be fine. I use Belray lube. It doesn't seem to splatter. :wink:
  13. Cheers. I have tighten my chain but I have another problem. Depending were the chain is sitting on the sprockets the chain becomes tight at a cretain point. So when I turn the rear wheel the chain becomes tight then slack then tight again. When its tight the top chain raise off the frame of the bike.
    I have lubed it again and gone for a good ride today but still has this tight spot.
    How can I get rid of this tight spot on my chain??
  14. You chain had been damaged by not lubing regularly. If lube didn't fix it then you need to replace it. Sorry :(

    A chain will cost ~$120. However, if you're replacing that it will most likely be worth replacing the sprockets as well. Are they worn? Add ~$80 for those plus labour if not doing it yourself and it should come to just under $300 for the lot.

    Having the chain break is dangerous. This is work you will have to have done. At least once it's replaced, you'll know how to look after it and it will last you many years. :)
  15. Bugger :cry: Thanks seany, Cheaper than my 4x4 at least ,that just cost me $2200. must invent a money tree. :wink: