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Loose Back End

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by CarterBones, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. I've been back riding for a couple of months now and experiencing what I feel is a loose back end, the bike (GSX650F) just doesn't seem to be as stable as it used to be.

    It feels loose on the straight and in the corners even when rolling the throttle on..

    I regularly check the tyre pressure and check the chain slack, the rear tyre seems good with no cracks or over wore patch. The bike is not new.

    I've only come back to riding a few months ago after a 20 year gap.

    Looking for some ideas on what it could be ? or should I take to a dealer?

    Thanks in advance...

  2. Put it on the centrestand and with one hand at the front of the rear tyre and one at the rear give it a good hard push and pull.Is there any clunking,movement.Sitting on the bike in neutral engine off pull in hard on the front brake and pump the forks up and down,is there any clunking or movement.Sitting on the bike and with it sitting on both wheels attempt to push down on the seat,the bike should not bounce after it comes up.How many ks on the bike,how much do you weigh,how much do you want to spend.Sitting on the bike with all your weight on it now far has it SAGGED on its suspension,visionary.Where do you live,helps to find a shock jock.Getting them to hand good is almost as much fun as riding them.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. The bike has just done over 16k's and I weigh about 90Kg. I will get the bike on the stand on the weekend and try your suggestions, as usual I don't want to spend to much money its used for commuting so it's just cheap travel.

    I live in North Brisbane...

    Thanks again
  4. Try some pelvic floor exercises?

    How old & how many k's on the bike? Rear shock could be well past it, they were likely a budget unit when new.
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  5. Or the rear tyre has warn square,so you never go for a weekend ride on fun roads.
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  6. Nope... to much kids sport Rugby, Tennis and now netball...
    However it does take me over an hour to get to work....strange I only leave 20km from work.
  7. Don't discount rear wheel bearings, Hard to discern with the chain on, push/pull the wheel test, but often can be heard by spinning the wheel in a stand, or seen as free play between the wheel and axle - like one would use for balancing a wheel at home. At 16K, it is more likely to be a wheel bearing than a swing arm.

    I have had 2 rounds of wonkiness like you describe. One was a rear wheel bearing - which went to God while I was riding it. This had a gradual onset.

    The other was a swing arm pivot pin, which just broke (!) in the middle. Instant wonkiness. When I tried to undo the nut, the whole shaft turned and I pulled half of it right out. Dealer thought it must have been a defective part.

    Both are worth checking. By the way, I rode both home, carefully, a distance of less than 5 kays.

    Both bikes were secondhand trail bikes - no telling what they had been through before I got them. The bearing happened at less than 30K and the swing arm pin about 25K
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  8. Just a quick update. I believe I have found two issues.

    Firstly a road was being repaired on my route.. found a lot a dirt and farking tar all over the back wheel cleaned that with some soap and water, doesn't feel grubby any more.

    Secondly while on a stand the wheel didn't rotate smoothly. The good thing is I paid for extra warranty so I drop it off at the dealer.

    Thanks for the help lads...cheers
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    And there I was, thinking you might just need to do pelvic floor exercises to tighten up your back end... :wacky:
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  10. Also you might need to check your rear spokes mate.
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