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VIC Loophole motorcycle licence?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TheEvilPenguin, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. I was just looking at the Vicroads page on motorcycle license prerequisites, and noticed a new clause:

    As I got my learners slightly too late to do my license test before the new restrictions, I'm wondering if this could be a loophole to get in before October. Does anyone know if such a course exists yet?
  2. Suggest you ring HART or one of the the other training providers (maybe where you got your L's?)
  3. I rang DECA and the receptionist didn't know anything. They only run motorcycle courses on weekends, so there wasn't anyone else I could talk to. All the websites I go to only say the three months/international license rule.

    I might just need to start ringing a list of places.
  4. It's been a long time since I got my license but even back then I went to a two day training course, run by Vicroads, after which I booked in for the on-road test.
    The only thing different since then was that the courses were outsourced to organisations like HART, Armstrongs and (presumably) DECA.
    The courses have been there all along. They are just changing is all.
  5. I reckon your pushing it uphill with a pointy stick to defeat the 3 months on L's.
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  6. Refer to legislation to verify the information quoted from the Vicroads website.

    s 23 Requirement for motor cycle licence

    (1) For the purposes of
    regulation 19(b)(i), the requirement for an applicant for a motor cycle licence is that—

    (a) immediately before the licence is granted, the applicant has held an Australian learner permit to drive a motor cycle for a continuous period of not less than 3 months; or

    (b) the applicant has completed a training course in motor cycle driving approved by the Corporation; or

    (c) the applicant holds, or within the past 5 years has held, a driver licence issued in another country that authorises the holder to drive a motor cycle.

    Link: Road Safety (Driver) Regulations 2009

    See above.

    Courses 7 days a week: http://ridetek.com.au/courses-list/on-road-roadcraft-course/

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  7. Sorry about posting to the wrong forum. I was tossing up between the two.

    Thanks, I really should have thought of that :)

    Thanks again. I called DECA, Stay Upright and Armstrongs and no one had any idea what I was talking about. Armstrongs told me I was reading the Vicroads website wrong.
  8. You did nothing wrong. Either was OK.

    VicRoads Minimum Holding Period Exemption Application says that under Regulation 23, you need to have held your learner permit for 3 months, so who knows. Sorry I can't be of more assistance. Licensing in your state is not something I have any knowledge in. Maybe @robsalvv@robsalvv can help you.

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  9. I appreciate the help, but even though I also called Vicroads and confirmed I've also called every rider training organisation I can get to and none of them know anything about it. If no courses exist, whether or not it's allowed is a bit academic.

    I suppose the only thing it's stopping me from doing is carrying a passenger - zero BAC sounds like a good idea anyway, and by now I've bought a nice enough bike I won't want to replace it that quickly.
  10. It's shitty & by all accounts there are lots of people in your shoes who miss the Oct 1 date by just a few days.

    I'd be going as hard as I could to find any way around it too, kinda hope there is an option somewhere!

    A minor consolation is that you wont have to be a glow in the dark target just on restrictions longer :shy:
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  11. Not to mention but also another 36 months of LAMS bike instead of the old 12.
    Sorry dude, but on the plus side fuel will totally cost you less for awhile :D
  12. Go to some third-world country. Tell them you're going to be a tourist for a year, and you want to ride a motorcycle around the place. Get their licence. Come back here. Register your overseas licence with Vicroads as having been inspected at a customer service office. Call Vicroads and ask for a conversion of your overseas licence. Once the approval is on your record, book in for the normal L & P courses and tests. Instead of getting a restricted licence, you'll get an unrestricted licence. Treat the privledge of having an unrestricted licence with respect: you should still be on your learners...
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  13. Hey EP,

    The Vicroads approved training course to obtain your licence (Ps, full restricted) is the 1 day course run by the authorised training schools you've already contacted that involves a bit of class time, a bit of practice time, and then the test.

    Just the same as the learner course you did to obtain your Ls was a Vicroads approved course.

    Not sure what the new clause you're referring to is ... unless they've perhaps changed the wording slightly in anticipation of including more in the testing under the GLS, eg. adding an on-road component.

    Armstrong's is right. You need to have held your Ls for 3 mths & complete the "approved course" to obtain your licence.
    There's no shortcuts/fast-tracking options in Vic.

    Previously, people with experience have had the option of just doing the testing component without the class/on-range time (the course - training component) - not sure if that option will still exist under new GLS - but even if it does, they'd still be subject to the licence restrictions that applied at the time of passing the test.

    Hope that helps.
  14. Yeah, I figured that was the case. Even if I could get around the 3 month requirement now, I don't think there's any way I could get in for a license test any more.