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Loony in Swift

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Empty One, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. This evening on my way home from work I filtered to the front at the lights on Riversdale Rd where it crosses Camberwell junction, the same way I have for the past year or more.

    Behind me was a Suzuki swift, who I suspect was suffering from a bad case of small cock syndrome, because as soon as I came to a halt in front of him he proceeded to flash his lights lean on his horn and just generally act like a bit of a tool. I really didn't think much of as over the years I have put up with far worse than that, at least no stubbies got thrown this time.

    Lights turn green and away we go, thought I had seen the last of him, but no, next set of lights only 100 meters up are red and we stop, me in the left lane and tool safely a couple of cars back. Next thing I see is tool pull into the right turning lane race up on the right and try and force himself on top of me (without even buying me a drink) so I moved forward to get out of his way and get ready to get the hell outta there. I guess it was the wrong move in his eyes, as he lurched his shopping trolley forward and smacked my rear tyre.

    Since contact had been made I came to the conclusion that he either intended to kill or at least injure me so I jumped the light and got out of there. Next stop was a level crossing and I thought I had better check for damage to the bike so popped it up on the footpath next to the boomgates and had a look, when who should appear but our friend Mr Tool about four cars up from the gates. I looked at him, he looked at me and made a throat cutting gesture, I invited him to step out and discuss the possible damage to my bike, he declined by pulling a U turn across traffic and forcing his trolley to redline.

    I know this sort of thing happens to us all from time to time and I would love to hear any alternative ideas as to how I could have dealt with this situation.


  2. Did you get his rego?
    fcuker made contact with your bike, that's got to be worth reporting to the Po Po.
  3. Yep I got his rego, very distinctive custom plates as well. Don't think I will bother getting the jack involved as nothing ever comes of. Had a hit run incident a fair while ago, that resulted in police involvement, left kind of a bad taste in my mouth as far as the guardians of revenue are concerned.
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  4. You could have jumped back on your bike and rammed him. If its anything like my Suzuki Liana it would have disintegrated on impact.

    Glad you're okay!
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  5. The thought did cross my mind but didn't want to scratch my baby.
  6. It's times like this I wished I worked at Vic Roads and could do a subtle number plate and address search.

    I think you did the right thing by getting off the road, it sounds like he was coming after you and wasn't gonna stop.
  7. Custom plates on a Suzuki Swift! They would cost more than the car. :eek:
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  8. Judging by what they said I suspect it is a company car of some sort, very tempted to post them, but I have seen how quickly that sort of malarky can get out of hand. Since it's my regular commute I'm sure we'll meet again.
  9. If it's a company name or some such, I'd be looking it up and contacting the owner of the company. Let him know some psycho poofter is using company cars to attack other road users.
  10. Agreed. Chase up the company and make it clear that you'll be seeking them for damages. It's a bluff unfortunately, given no po-po involvement or witnesses. I work just off Camberwell Rd and can attest to the fact that there's some nutjobs in small car's around here. Surprisingly it's only the small cars that I have trouble with. The SUV's and 4x4's don't tend to care.
  11. This!!

    I highly doubt a company would like that an employee is putting their name to shame by doing stupid shit like this in a company car.
  12. Unless it's the company owner (or their) child, then you'll gain very little.
  13. I don't know what your past history with the police is, but I would report it. If you got a look at his face, and are prepared to make a statement, which takes some time, then ask to press charges. Don't take no for an answer. In the long run it is worth it.
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  14. Just a a similar situation, I was hit & run in my cage a few years back in my month-old BMW. Literally changed lanes into me trying to get around a bus.

    I got the rego & company name of the vehicle.

    The dickhead had already lied to his boss when he got in so when it came time for me to call them, I had an earful from Mr GM. Not much damage, though, so i was lucky.

    Then about 2 years later, I saw the car parked at the beach on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.
  15. I assume that something "happened" to the BMW on that quiet Tuesday afternoon.

    While I understand the feelings that lead to this type of action, I can never condone it. It is vigilante actions that lead to all sorts of problems. Some see it as OK to nudge a motorcycle as a vigilante response to a motorcycle clipping their mirrors... Some come back to the car park and find the BMW they bough a week ago has been damaged for no obvious reason..
  16. Well after some serious google foo, I have found that the name on the plates does not come back to a company so I guess its wait and see if the little prick shows up on my commute again:devil:
  17. If he hit my bike, I would be inclined drop the bike, roll on the ground, and claim possible spinal injury, making a huge scene!:)

    Hopefully kick out his headlights or dint the bonnet on the way down!:)

    But hey, I ride a 250, so I have more to gain by dropping it (would be pretty easy to write off).
  18. No jokes about spinal injury, back has been killing me since the day after it happened to the point I had to see a doc today. Existing injury but probably exacerbated by the jolt. Pisses me off I was starting to get some quality of life back.
  19. There is a littler hotline in tasmania you can call to report cars that litter, call up say your saw them dropping a cigarette butt?
  20. Call the anti-terrorism phone line and make up some garbage about the car. From a pay phone if they still exist.