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Looks like we'll have a government today

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. And whichever way it goes, no doubt there'll be plenty of comment.

    That's what this thread is for.
  2. commenting on the lack of comments! oh wait, this thread has been open for a minute or two..

    comment comment comment blah blah comment comment comment

    come on julia ;)
  3. Damn, and I was so enjoying the state of anarchy into which the country has descended without the smack of firm government :D.

    Watched Q&A for the first time last night, mainly 'cos the Mad Katter was on. Very entertaining, if not terribly informative. Watching Nick Minchin restraining himself when Bob was in full flow was hilarious. And yes, I'd have been almost as amused had it been a Labor bod. Conroy or Arbib for preference.
  4. See yas at the polls in 3 months
  5. I only caught a few minutes of it half way through, which was just long enough to see Katter get nailed by that bloke in the audience on gay rights an then to see him dig, dig, try to change topic, dig, dig, get hauled back, dig, dig, semi-concede point. Quite a glower on his face at the end of it! I thought he might've tripped over his bottom lip if he didn't trip over his tongue first.

    That c*nt Minchin, though, the way he spoke positively about Oakeshott's proposed amendments to parliamentary process, and to f*ckin smile when he was doing it. Lying through his teeth, the smug bastard! And then to talk about the virtues of the ''two-party system'' as if it were ever designed to be so. If you want evidence of a genuine lack of democracy in this country, Minchin's performance last night was the closet thing I've ever seen to an admission..
  6. MP Bob Katter just sided with the libs, which i thought was a interesting development
  7. Given that he's gone early and separate, if I were reading the bones I'd be thinking the other two will go the other way, which will yield a Labor government.
  8. That would be my thought too, but, until there's an official announcement, it's still just speculation. Just like the last couple of weeks really :D.

    It's no secret on here that I'd prefer a Labor government, but if that doesn't happen, I'll enjoy watching Tony trying to herd cats.
  9. I am starting to wonder if the next one will go lab then the last announcement will go lib (aus idol style voting revealing....just so they can all have their 2 weeks of fame and we will end up back at the polls
  10. There would be much lolz if we end up with another election... and end up with a hung parliament again :p. Probably wouldn't happen though, as awesome as it would be.

    Also, its in the independents' interests for a government to form this time, since no matter who it is, they'll have a great deal of swing.

    EDIT: Guess what my filthy ol' mind made of the headline "KATTER BACKS ABBOTT" :LOL:.
  11. Well, Windsor has gone Labor, so stewy may have called it. ;)

    Still reckon Oakeshott will follow him and finally solve the sitation, though.
  12. bugger bravus bet me, but we will be right back after the commercial break to reveal the winnner
  13. The Coalition cannot form government.
  14. Yeah, there's that.

    Oakeshott is waffling on and on, but lots of hints he's going Labor.
  15. Has he said anything yet? I dropped off...
  16. Nothing of importance. Get on with it!
  17. fml, this guy can talk!
  18. LOL - at this rate we might *not* have a government today!
  19. Oh God, now he's going through each one of the 20 points in detail...
  20. Gillard it is.