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Looks like throttle blipping, but...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bulby, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. So I found this video on youtube. It's in Japanese, so I don't really get what they're saying. But from the looks of it, they're downshifting without using much of the clutch? It looks like she's only twitching the clutch about an inch of the way in.

    Is this some sort of advanced technique you guys are familiar with / have heard of?
    I thought "clutch all the way in" was the only way to go with downshifting unless you can get your rev-matching 100% accurate 100% of the time?

    p.s. I was tossing between here and the multimedia forum. But I posted this here anyway since the main point of this post is to ask what I believe to be a newb-ish question.

  2. Use of the clutch was not really discussed at all.
    It was all about the blip with a brisk return to idle and not raising the revs more than about 500rpm.
    The latter part was practicing while braking. Nothing very advanced at all, and, if anything, aimed at total beginners.
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  3. And I thought they were saying not to drop it below 500... lol

    Thanks. I must've gotten confused about the clutch from the previous episode in the series, which I'm assuming is a version of clutchless upshift, but using a bit of clutch.
  4. It's not necessary to pull the clutch lever all the way in. You can, but it isn't a requirement, or necessary ONCE MOVING ALONG.

    Most accomplished riders can shift up or down without the clutch at all, or use it. They may even mix it up at their pleasure.

    I personally just fingertip the clutch lever if I use it.

    Needless to say the lever is always fully compressed when in gear, stopped and ready to move off.
  5. You might find that your own clutch disengages fully/almost fully quite early and the rest much slacker. That's why you don't start moving forward the second you start releasing the lever.. Don't do this when stopped though as you'll ruin your clutch pretty quickly as there is a bit of slippage still
  6. Don't be meaning to come on you harshly, but you could have tried it first and saved the trouble of starting this. Very easy, no trouble at all. Can cause some problems when you jump to a properly powerful bike as you blip throttle way more than needed - always a bit of fun.
  7. If I'm up in the hills for some 'spirited' riding, or in serious stop-go traffic, I tend to do as Raven said and just gently fingertip the clutch lever.

    Otherwise I hardly touch the clutch once I'm moving. If I did it would mean that every time traffic slowed slightly I'd have to stop drumming the tank or leaning my chin on my hand while bored on the freeway. ;)
  8. And they are showing 2 fingers on the brake when they blip down which instructors will scream at you for (despite that most do it that way) and both feet down when stopping.
    She might be doing her MOST again.
  9. Here ya go. At first glance he looks like another one of those high-vis nerds who spends all day collating data on tyre valves, but he's actually a really cool guy (and a super experienced instructor) making a back to basics video to help out. ;)

  10. oh **** not mr boring on his honda again.
    i will fall asleep
  11. Sorry... couldn't find Ghost Riders gear shifting tips for noobs. "So what we're going to do is wait until the revs hit redline, then boot the lever upwards while cracking the throttle, and ducking between two semi-trailers on one wheel."

    I know it's out there somewhere. :cheeky:
  12. sorry i was rude.
    i've got a couple here. the first is more simple to follow.
    some points >
    - two fingers over brake lever is so you can still use the throttle whilst braking.
    - there is a small amount of freeplay in your throttle before it's completely closed. just to allow for turning the handle bars while still having the same length of brake cable. you never back the throttle of beyond this point.
    - smooth baby smooth

  13. The bloody heretic put his right glove on first. Bet he doesn't nod either.
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  14. yeah northern hemisphere, right glove first.
    don't you know anything !
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  15. I swear this bike is only 20 or 30 cm tall. Wonfer how he stays on looking down all the time.
  16. ^ I'm going to bet that his camera is just fixed like that so viewers can watch what he's doing with his hands...
  17. i'd say that's pretty ****ing obvious.