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Looks like the BBQ guy has a brother

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Saw this today riding through Preston! Couldn't stop laughing :LOL:

    Thing is though, it was only held on with 1 x occy strap and was moving about a bit. I hope he got home ok. 10 Points for ingenuity :cool:


  2. lol, at least he didn't tow it along behind him
  3. Love the Barry Sheene jacket :LOL:.
  4. kool ute!
  5. I'm lov'n the "knee-guards"! :LOL:

  6. LMAO.

    Where does he put the clippings etc when he's done my yard?
  7. Looks like our lawnmower guy..
    I know he said things were tough, BUT :shock:
  8. Bricklayers Kneescrapers.
  9. May he has that extra C.C for BACK UP
  10. What were you doing using a 'handheld mobile device' while driving? You could've killed someone you MANIAC!

    Oh yeah... the lawnmower guy though, he's perfectly safe and responsible. Give him a medal!

  11. Small detail, but just in case someone chooses to take the official view that it is an illegal load, you might have done a fellow biker the favour of blanking out his fekkin number plate.
  12. But did it sound like a lawnmower too?
    Looks like an old (late 80's?) GS 500 or similar? Just about everyhting from that manufacturer sounds like a lawnmower .. at least it now looks the part too :)
  13. I'm going to track him down via his numberplate and give him a free membership.

    That way, next year, he'll be the one bringing the BBQ to the park for us :grin:
  14. 2 Stroke + 4 Stroke = 6 Stroke?

    Could be trying something new. :cool:
  15. :LOL: 'Where do you find em'
  16. That's after he makes sure the grass has been mowed... :wink:
  17. Why?
    The rider has the Lawnmower secured on the back of the bike on a platform of sorts.
    It's not like the guy who was "wearing" the barbeque.
    Nothing illegal in what this rider is doing.
  18. Hey Dougz can you blur his numberplate so you dont get him in trouble

  19. Aparently 'Jims Mowing' franchisees no longer get a trailer...

    Something about the global financial meltdown and all that crap.

  20. Hehehe, this is funny

    would be a bit diffifult to balace that and hope that it doesn't come off when going around a corner!