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looks like someone wasn't concentrating

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pt, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=64435

    how could you be aiming at a bird and "accidentally" shoot at someone? you're looking at what you want to shoot at. would you not notice it was a person :shock:

  2. Do you know how many bronzed Aussies get shot on 'hunting trips' each year???

    Take 20 million to 280 million, add a generous dollop of firearm fascination, and voila, even pollies are brassing each other up!!!
  3. i found this halarious, yet puzzling how you could make such a mistake.

    I wonder how long the anti-gun lobby over in the US sill go on about this for?
  4. Very easy to make the mistake.

    When aiming a firearm using its sights, your field of vision is as narrow as a matchhead.

    Considering this was a shot gun that is designed to spray a pattern of lead pallets I could see how easy it would be to hit someone in the vicinity.
  5. I woulda thought that you can tell the difference cause the birds are in the air and people are on the ground.

    Conspiracy theories anyone?
  6. Can you imagine the scene if someone shot Cheney instead.
  7. Won't make an iota of a difference for the gun rights. There's a lot of hunting accidents, around 500-600 a year in US/California. Not all fatal though.
  8. The story that they're sprouting sounds like bullshit to me.

    Cheney could have loaded his gun while pointing at the ground and it may have discharged when he squeezed the trigger. Shot could have sprayed back up at his mate.

    Or, he might've been tracking a quail and swung around and fired, hitting the other chap.

    Once, a mate loaded his shotty, a side-by-side two barrel. When he closed the breach it went off, spraying gravel and buckshot everywhere. His dad and his brother copped a heap of crap around the legs. It was facing away from them.

    As for quail shooting, you generaly don't shoot at them on "the wing". Normally, they're close to the ground. At least, the ones that I used to shoot were...

    I wonder if the Republicans think that there's some irony here, given that a former vice-prez was also a Quaile...

    Thing is, if this happened here you'd be charged with a firearms offence. Let's see if the same happens to Cheney, or in fact if they have such laws to cover these sorts of incidents.
  9. What a problem for this poor guy!

    Nothing a little bush wont fix... :LOL: