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looks like No more mature age exemption in NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TAX123, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Im glad i did my L's then my P's soon after and then got my Full licence because I had a gold licence and was over 30

    now it looks like those over 25 (not 30) get an exemption from having green P's but will have to have red P's for a year, that sucks, but then again I did mine all within a couple of months and so glad I did, if your over 30 on Ls now, GO AND DO YOU PROV AND MOST NOW or wait and sit on red P's with limited points and 0 BAC, which would stuff your car licence if you do something silly on your bike.
  2. Kinda makes sense. A lof of middle aged blokes returning to bikes a bit quickly, and getting themselves hurt or killed at the moment.
  3. Says the testosterone filled, invinsible, high risk 23 year old :wink:

    Graham :)
  4. Look at the average age of dead motorcyclists mate!
  5. Won't help with that though, those returning still have their bike licence because it's renewed every time they renew their car licence.
  6. 42 in Victoria last year...
  7. That is only because there are many, many times more 'older' riders on the road. Don't get the 'average age' mixed up with 'most likely to be killed or seriously injured' - this is under 26 years old in pretty much any statistical report you can read, either here or overseas.


    Graham :)
  8. err, yes, thanks for the spot of logic, mate :)