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Looks like a boring weekend ahead :-/

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by metanoia, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. I quite like rain...

    It is amazing how soothing the sound of gentle rain is when one is walking through it. And the air - especially in big dirty cities - just feels so much cleaner after a good rain.

    But I do rather prefer it to rain during the week - when I'm at work and I'm not on a bike, so that it's nice and dry for the weekend.

    But I am a reasonable person... I'm even happy enough if it's dry at least one day on the weekend.

    This weekend coming promises to be sub-par, as a result. :-/
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  2. Tell em about it - booked in for a track day at Eastern creek on Sunday and they predict 40 - 120mm of rain!
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  3. Unlike!
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  4. When I was younger I use to enjoy riding in the rain . I felt it really improved my riding skills and confidence . Of course now in my 50's , I haven't deliberately been out in the rain for about a decade .
  5. sorry to rate 'funny' but wanted to rate something for you. hope it doesn't suck on Sunday. if you're still on I might cage it over to check out the action.
  6. Lol Murphy's law! I feel for you GeorgeOGeorgeO ...
    I had 4 out of 5 days traveling down to VIC with rain. And next week is gonna be the same as I begin my travels back up north! Looks like I'm gonna have the worlds most 'washed' bike ! :rolleyes:
  7. Garage 40 booked for Netriders. More than welcome to pop in. I'm taking my small Duke to get some wet riding experience.

    If it rains too hard we can always waste some time posting on Netrider.....
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  8. It always rains in Sydney.
  9. At least you know if your wet weather gear works or not.
  10. It always rains, hails, shines, blows, rains again in Melbourne
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  11. Yep, but not as much as Sydney.
  12. I'd rather not!! :banghead:
    Are you taking the 390?? :woot:
  13. Actually, can you send some rain this way, our dams are pretty low.
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  14. It's not as much that as... well, i'm sure that dirt roads are not pleasant when they're turned into mud roads! :)
  15. Yes. Done about 5 track days in the past with her already. Want to concentrate on improving my corner speed and I have commitment issues on the MV.

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  16. I guess binning the MV and the Ktm would be slightly diff on the hip pocket!! :p

    I would love to see one of these on the track live for I still can't believe it can do much more than be a lawnmower & nibble weeds on the side of the track :ROFLMAO:
    Although I now have seen it is adept at taking out skippies!
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  17. Does that mean you don't want to drop it?
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  18. After several yrs of riding a scoot - even on 1000k type tours - here, I decided that I wanted to go home and ride around Ireland.

    Trouble is that one can't hire a scoot to do that sort of riding on. So... after ~8hrs learning how to ride a 'bike here I landed in Dublin.

    As is typical with an Irish Summer, the weather turned to poo inside 40 minutes. And while I was wearing local gear - mother goddess, it was cold... and once one was off of the highways, the roads were slippery, and narrower than I'd ever experienced... and I was more or less lost... etc etc etc.

    Fun days.

    Almost gave up in favour of returning to Dublin and drinking the fine fine Dublin Guinness Porter for the remaining 10 days.

    As it was, the rain didn't kill me. The cold didn't kill me. The slippery cow poos on the road didn't kill me. Not even crazy Kerry country driving killed me.

    Ending up in really slippery mud didn't kill me either - but I'd not rate it as the tip top of my riding experience :)
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  19. Most definitely.
  20. Just his coffee round corners...
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