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Looks better than a cbr125r!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by discocbr, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. #1 discocbr, Jun 29, 2008
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    Found this clip on youtube.Do they sell these babys over here? Would
    be a competator for the cbr i recon!

  2. Yeah they look ok, still rather an aprillia rs 125 anyday. :wink:
  3. It's not on the YMA website....
  4. not available here (but might be soon, judging by the success of the cbr125)
  5. would be cheaper to throw down the road than an R1.
  6. ...and you wouldn't be as sad to lose a girlfriend/wife if she was butt ugly, irritating and couldn't cook worth a damn. But then that's not much of an attitude to go through life with.

    Still a glorified moped.
  7. I spoke to a head YMA guy at the show and he said if they ever come out here they would be like $7000 :shock: .

    Read a few reviews on OS mags and they said it goes ok for a 125 with a 80kg guy on it ,it hit 120kph and its some thing like 5cm smaller the a R6 ,its got the big bike looks.
  8. If they want to make these faired cheapies, they should really stick a 500cc single-cyl in them or something.

    THEN they would be fun.
  9. [​IMG]

    Better ktulu?

    Not cheap though.
  10. Now that looks the goods...........is that the bike that american chopper guy built from a yamaha dirt bike?
  11. Rowland Sands I think his name is. :?:
  12. That looks like one of the bikes they were building for a potential super singles comp in the states.

    And I agree. When a chinese or korean manufacturer sticks a 400-500cc single in a cheap little frame I might consider one.
  13. Yeah. It's a dud idea unless you've got more money than sense, but ah well.
  14. I was talking to someone.. can't remember who.. anywhoo sounds like they're not bringing in this yam 125 here.
  15. Overpriced but I think it's probably a lot of fun.
    My first bike was a Yamaha AS1 (125cc 2-stroke twin) like this but in black.

    Good for about 120k (lying flat out on the tank) in standard trim.

    A lot quicker with the go faster bits Yamaha sold for racing. Funny thing, Yamaha also made another AS1 - a saxophone. My brother owned one. The bike sounded much better than his playing. :LOL:
  16. nice little bike.
    apparently a fraction lighter and gutsier than the cbr125
    and a shit load more practical than the rs125. it's gonna be hard explaining to my Muse next week that her feminine charms are no longer needed, seeing as i'm due to get my bike back from the shop after that carcrash two months ago

    i think people compare learner bikes to proper bikes far too often,
    but for those with 15months between them and that full-bore they have postered up in their bedroom, if you're gonna be stuck on a glorified moped, you might as well do it in style, and with modern engineering unfound on the decade old pieces of shit most people use to wing it to a full licence.
  17. That's fine if you're a 16 year-old in the UK. But since no-one here is ever forced to ride a 125 why would you want to pay so much for one when you could just buy a new 250 Ninja or GS500 instead.
    Of course given how gullible many noobs seem to be if they were sold here I suspect Yamaha would probably struggle to keep up with demand.