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Lookout Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Guess who's coming to dinner next week?

    I'll be spending some days with my kids/grandkids, but as for the nights ?

    So lock up your daughter and wifes ........................ :angel:
  2. woohoo, welcome back mate =D>
  3. Don't go hyperventilating just yet, I'm only down for a week this time around.
    Then back for the supers, then I'll see if the new job up here is to my liking or not 8-[
  4. oh right i thought you just finished selling up and preparing for the move back :-s
  5. Hope to catch you, Bob.
  6. Thank Christ we moved away!!! 8-[

    Have fun down there Bob!!

    ....and the warning was serious....lock up wives and daughters :wink:
  7. Pay ya $100 to keep him Lil :-s
  8. How do we catch you, Bob? Still on the same mobile number?
  9. Hey Bobsicle, looking forward to seeing you at the supers. Word of warning tho, there will be 2 young girls at the house this year so you better be on ya best behaviour :p
    Also, I need some moola from you too :)
  10. Good idea Flip. He can give us all some bux.