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Looking to start riding - Sydney location

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Junr32boi, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Hi guys :)

    Names Denis and im from the Parramatta area in sydney.
    25yrs of age and looking to start riding, as i have been wanting a bike for years, love watching moto GP, i get jelous of seeing large groups of riders together (no doubt it was u guys n gals) but was waiting till i hit 25 and have my car paid off (skyline).

    I have done some research on the few bikes im looking into, and am quite mechanically savy as i do work on my own car doing DIY's and just trial and error so to speak.

    I have done quite some research on beginner bikes and have taken into account the information from riders on this site, the amount of knowledge forums bring is mind blowing (being a member of the skylines australia forum also)

    Im looking at a Ninja 250R 09 model brand spanka for first bike if i can save up the cash.

    I dont mind keeping the bike for 1 yr or so after having my full license. Im not after power or speed for a few years at least, i want to develop my skills and be a safe rider until i am 100% comfortable to upgrade to a much quicker and powerful bike.

    Only place for speed is the track, which if i can ride the bike well would be the next phase after yrs or riding :) :) :)

    I am quite savvy on the roads, have never been in a car accident in my skyline, or any other car while i was driving in my life (driving from 16yrs old), so im pretty aware of how people drive and what goes on (only way to keep safe and watch out wat others do not just urself)

    Other bikes im keen on are

    Ninja 250

    since im looking to keep this bike for quite a while i want something that looks nice and is pretty fun to ride, and new.

    now i know im likely to drop the bike and such.

    So i would like all your opinions, im open to any opinion or other bikes that could be worth the purchase.

    Nice too meet you all :)

    Hope to ride soon :)
  2. they all say that when they start fresh :)

    dont buy a new 1, theres millions of them out there because when they get their p's, they all sell them..

    im sure u have read the homebush learners sessions, join us when your set up, your not to far from me so i can show u how to get there, we also organise big rides once in a while, example is the 3 ferry run on 4th july, also in nsw threads..

    cheers mate
  3. Hi Junr32boi

    Welcome to NR

    Sounds like you have a plan. Good one :cool:

    Lots to do & see here, the zoo is free. :grin:

  4. hey welcome.

    If you wana try riding, i think some bike schools have test ride days which are used to see if you think riding is for you or not. research around, ive heard HART (honda) do it.

    Go the 2nd hand, cheaper, plus as you said your gona drop it (touch wood) so why not get a 2nd hand bike. +1 goz everyone gets a brand new bike then decide its time to upgrade and theres lots lying around with low kms and practically brand new, ridden in and services done.

    CBR250s LOVE EM!!! <---------- see my bike :grin:
    Kawa are nice too, zxr250 zx2r zx250r (all the same thing...ninjas) are nice

    zzr250 & suzuki across if you want a tourer styles

    2 stroke NSR150

    125 are not that great (IMO might as well get a scooter), not much power go the 250

    if your not a fairing type/dont mind
    and i believe there is a CB400 on lams as well as GS500
    umm...cant think too tired....

    i said the same thing bout keeping the bike, not full speed/power. but now after 9 months i cant wait till i upgrade. with that said, i still needa work on my conering, 3 months to work on that xD

    dun forget to set aside at least 1k for gear
  5. I've been driving for nearly 25 yrs, and I can tell you that your never aware or know how other people drive.

    As others said, go 2nd hand, even a late model will be just as good for you as buying new.
  6. thanks everyone :)

    yehh the roads are dangerous can never know what people are going to do
    just know i have to take care and watch out while on a bike..

    willzah, nice ride :) :)
    they look stunning

    ill take members advice and look for a used one, after all many of the riders on here have been through the stage of a used lerners bike, nothing better than having some good advice from experienced riders.

    Looking forward to riding with everyone

    Thanks heaps
  7. i agree wif "willzah" CBR250RR all the way babyy !

    personally i dont like the look of the zxr250 ninja's n plus why would yu wana buy a brand new one esp seeing that ur saving for ur bike still so id go 2nd hand n plus (knock on wood) u might fall off as being a Learner u a prone to making mistakes, you go also the RVF400 !! but other then that dont go any lower as u mention about

    nsr150 or cbr125?? my mate owns a nsr150 n i took it for a little spin n no joke u might aswell get ur scooter license!! so im guessing its just as bad with the cbr125 !

    n by the way u say ur a savvy driver n aware of wat goes on with other cars??? hahahaaa trust us bikers wait till ur on a bike u'l c things that yu neva saw in ur skylinee.

    anyways best of luck mate.

    well thats my 2c worth.

  8. Welcome to NR - sounds like you have a plan but I'd prob start with a 2nd hand bike first off and there are plenty of "young" 250cc bikes around. However it's your choice and the Ninja 250 is a great place to start.

    Ummm - I don't see where he says he wants a 20 year old bike and I'm pretty certain you can't buy one new. The ZXR250 is also a grey import - personally I think it's too old to consider.

    My 2c

  9. i learnt on a 94 ZXR250 - highly recommend

    get it checked out by someone who knows bikes and you wont have a drama.

    basically the same as a CBR250RR except your not paying for the 'CBR250RR image' (which equals $$)
  10. New bike (or car) is always awesome......... A thought which you already covered a bit, & that is YES you will drop it (quite a bit if you want to get experienced) & to do that to a new bike is such a shame. There are numerous good 2nd hand learners bikes which look & perform just as well as a new one, but without the pricetag. I've been riding for 30 years & have lost heaps of money over the years doing all the performance added extras as well as bling, just to drop the bike a few times & have its value devastaded. If you have heaps of $$ to keep replacing & updating your bike good luck, but a lot of us need to keep a check on the bank balance.

    Best of luck whatever you decide.......Cheers Bear
  11. Yeh the old ones bounce better than th shiny new ones....LOL