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Looking to play around(900 hornet)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by HoRnIt919, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I got a 900 hornet and am looking at adding a bit of a personal touch to it !
    now i miss the low riding possie of a supersports('98 ZX6R) and was thinking
    clip ons or renthal bars?????
    1.clip ons over the shock supports means dropping the angle of the bike and quicker change of direction, slightly more clearence from the tank?
    2.clip ons under no change on bike geometry less clearence from tank?
    3.renthals no clearence issues slightly lower riding position? dont know about asthetics though?

    i like the drop bar look, any sugestions guys :shock:

    also looking @ some gear from powerbronze (will take thoughts and suggestions that too)
    2.seat cowl
    3.rad spoilers
    4.Maybe undertail and fender eliminator :grin:
    Anyway Q. mainly on the bars anything else Bonus

  2. If you want to change the bar position, pick which area suits your riding style, and that you feel comfortable with, and go with that. Just remember, the further forward you lean, the worse it becomes on longer trips.
  3. Hey hey, I've got a Hornet 900.
    Put Renthal low-rise road 'bars on it, just check the picks in my 'garage' on that linky thing under my name.

    These Renthal low-rise road 'bars, give a wider as well as lower handgrip possie. I trimmed as much as I could afford off the ends to make them narrower - but they're still a fraction wider than the stock 'bars that use their rise to bring the controls in closer together. (all this is good for lanesplitting etc).
    The front brake reserviour give clearance problems.

    Bought the Renthal 'bars from Peter Stevens but there was a long long story in part # mix up. Stock codes is very similar to KTM80 MX 'bars but they're worlds different. Would not be surprised you get a 4 week wait like me.

    But, Like you, I'm thinking of lower - cafe racer like, 'Ace 'bars or clip ons. Clips ons will require big changes to the front & still have the original handlebar clamps to deal with afterwards, as well as reduced steering lock to remove the problem of fouling with the tank at full lock. Sportsbikes have less steering lock than the Hornet to start with & their tanks allow for the clip-ons as well.

    I'm looking at this 'Ace' 'bar option which I previous had on my Zephyr 750. This is because it makes the open h'way & backroads riding more suitable (read: less windblast) & kinda gets the old world sporty feel too, which is kinda cool - Ride a Ducati Sport 1000 to check this out. Also it uses the existing handlebar clamps & is more straight forward to fit - tool less, ride more.
  4. cool, Marx
    had a look at one of the bikes that parks at the construction site im working at they where almost dead straight with a slight angle (like mountain bike bars) maybe option???
    any way ill check the acebars see if its what im looking for :)