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Looking to learn

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Coastie, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a Sydney sider from the central coast. I have decided to get myself an L permit and a bike so was looking for somewhere to get all the advice I need to know about going about it.

    I'll scour the forums a bit and see what I can pick up without asking questions, but basically, when it comes to bike buying time, I'm probably going to need alot of advice as I'm really starting from bare minimum in terms of knowledge.

    I'm sure I'll be a veteran here soon enough :grin:


  2. Welcome to NR.. Enjoy your stay . :grin:
  3. Welcome to NR!
    Pretty much all your questions will be answered here :grin:
  4. thats good
    If your after a bit of basic skills training pm me
  5. Hey coastie. WELCOME
    Check out the New riders and Riding tips forum and have a look at the stickys. You'll get some excellent info there.

    remember keep it upright
  6. Thanks for the welcome fellas, and Davo for the offer.
  7. welcome coastie!
    ...from another coastie, onlt further south :grin: