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Looking to get a "fix-er up-er"

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ArmyLad, May 26, 2013.

  1. Holla everybody,

    As the title says, I'm thinking of purchasing a bike for cheap as a fixer up-er which I can turn a wrench on to learn about engines whilst not potentially wrecking my daily ride or costing me big bucks.

    Im currently looking at a dt 175 yammy. I kinda like that its a two stroke as I've never ridden one before, so that a new experience right there, and I think I heard that they are easier to work on?

    I would like to be able to either keep the bike at the end of it all as either a resto or rat bike, or just sell it on to break slightly less poor from the whole experience.

    So I guess my real questions are is a 2 stroke ok for learning on or should I stick to a 4 stroke?

    And is the dt 175 ok or should I (as a guy whose never torn down an engine before but is handy with tools) run away screaming?

    My budget for the purchase is sub $450.

    Any input appreciated thanks!
  2. I reckon you'll be pushed for a dt175 with your budget. At least for one that won't possibly blow out your costs.
  3. They are out there if you put it out there to find something rather than just looking at bikes That people advertise for sale.
    Mate of mine advertises for bikes in any condition which gets him at least two phone calls a week. The ones he likes the condition of he buys, tinkers with and improves the condition without outlaying too much, then usually sells. Its his hobby.
    He often picks up bikes for not much at all. His last bike was an old PE 175. It was complete and a runner but rough and had been just sitting in a shed for the last decade or two. He paid $50 for it but the bloke was going to give it to him for free. A bike like that would be perfect for you to tinker with.
    Do you have somewhere local like a buy,swap and sell that you can advertise on for free or next to nothing?
  4. the dt I'm looking at is sub 300 atm. says its running and ready to ride, but some work wouldn't hurt it. To clarify, I'm thinking in terms of initial outlay cost. I'd be willing to buy some parts down the track .

    Hmmm, makes sense the idea of advertising ones interest now that I think of it. Helps get to those with a bike they don't want but can't be fagged to advertise it. (reminds me of myself).
  5. Exactly. It really isn't a bad way to go. Just make it clear what you are looking for in the add and see how it goes.
  6. My Bike wasn't exactly a Fixer upper, though I turned it into a bike that I wanted it too be, I got my zzr for $520, and all i needed was a good service and now she runs like a beauty, Though I'm still tinkering with it to get her exactly right, I thought I got a real good price.

    I posted on facebook what I was after and soon enough a friend of a friend commented with the info of a bike they had and were scared to get on..so give that a try aswell, nothing like a bit of freee advertising
  7. there are a few on gumtree that are in your price range

    and yes i know this thread is about a month old