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Looking to buy .

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Ole Grizzly, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. I've been lucky enough to have owned some big bikes over the years..But health/age and a non flexible body seems to have me pointed towards a scooter..Bolwell LeGrande 200. Planning to do a "gentlemans" ride around Oz. Any comments about these scoots?...Cheers

  2. I have a Bolwell Euro 150 (done about 1500 km) and find it a great little scoot. Well built, reliable, etc. BE interested in hearing from anyone who has had one for a while longer though
  3. if you want to go aorund Oz on a Scooter, you should have a look at the Suzuki Burgman 650.

    Edit: - oh I see the link for it has been posted above
  4. Ole Grizzly, welcome to the forum, I'm sure we'll be able to bear with you {groan}
    Yeah, you should get something with some grunt, otherwise at the end of the day you are going to feel like you have been carrying it, not it carrying you...
  5. Somebody correct me if i'm wrong, but im pretty sure the le grand has the same donk in it as the HD200, which is actually a 180cc.
    It might be a bit strained going around australia on, particularly in NT (open speed limit afaik)

    But it depends on how quickly you want to go. But keep in mind those odd time you might want to get past a road train up a hill (where all the overtaking lanes in W.A. are placed)

    I think the suzy or yamaha 250cc or bigger would be a better pick.
  6. Its actually got a 171.2cc engine. Personally i think the "200" claim is pretty misleading.

    If i was doing regular long haul trips i'd love this.... http://www.apriliascooters.com.au/scooters/scarab250.html they are bloody over priced but they are sweet.

    of cause, a Burgman 650 would be great but even the 250 one would be an improvement i reckon.
  7. Struth!!!!! You guys know how to confuse an ole fella, but thanks everyone for your input. The bigger capacity scoots really make sense, but I kind of got impressed by that gutsy lady Wyn Woods(a young 61 ) who rode a Bolwell Gypsy 50cc around Oz back in 2002. Heck, I thought I was being a whimp by going up to a 171cc. So I guess it now depends on how far my Veterans pension will stretch to what I purchase.
    Has anyone in here braved the trip around our great nation? Would love to know more about it...Cheers
  8. Heh heh heh. Ole grizzly, we are out to confuse everybody, young or old! :LOL:

    About Lyn woods, I have a theory that her Gypsy scooter had a upgraded engine, probably to 70cc capacity which is a fairly common upgrade for 50cc scooter.
    Given the amount of gear that she was carrying with her, the 70cc capacity would have enabled her to maintain 60kmh on her trip.

    It is just a theory of mine. Hey, if I planned the same trip on a 50cc scooter, I would really consider the upgrade first myself.

    Back to topic, I think that the seat would be your main concern. The seats on the Le grande's are pretty comfy, just what ya need for a long haul. Most of the bigger "cruiser" type scooters are built for comfort, but even so, I reckon you should let your backside have a say in the final selection.

    A bigger engine might be better out there, but at the end of the day, I think I would rather take a bit longer to arrive than have a numb bum all day.
    Also check out the storage on them and room for a big top box. Your gunna want to haul a bit of gear with you which is another reason for a bigger engine.

    Good luck!
  9. Hi mate,

    yeah it does get a little confusing doesnt it! There are so many choices and i know when i got my first scooter, i wasn't really sure what I would end up using it for. Lots of people suggested to me to stick with a physically small scooter so it would be better for nipping round town, but personally i reckon the bigger scooters are better because they are more comfortable for the long trips and they are fine in the city unless you want to do lots of lane splitting (which i dont).

    i've done a couple of longish trips on my SportCity. I've gone down from Perth to Dunsborough a couple of times which is about 3hr trip. As for the speed, i prefer to take it a little under the speed limit cause when your on a bike you see so much more than a car and i like to be able to take it all in. But having said that, doing the whole trip at 60km/hr would be bloody painful!!!!! not to mention dangerous for you and all the other road users. I found that for the long trips i actually prefer taking the back roads and seeing places that you wouldn't bother seeing if you were in a car. I tend to travel along between 80-90km/hr although i think it is important to be able to get up to highway speed (ie 100 or 110) so you can if/when you need to.

    As already mentioned, storage is a key for the long trips. I have a big top box which is great, but i'm also in the process of getting some throw-over type panniers to store bits and pieces.

    Good luck with it all. And i also suggest you just ride as many scoots as you can before you ettle on one.

  10. http://www.getupandgo.net.au/05aut-GypsyRover.htm

    " I've been asked what is the purpose of my travels.

    The journey itself is the purpose. I enjoy the lure of the unknown, the anticipation of surprises around the next corner or over the next hill. I love the act of travel – the 'moving' – often more than the arriving."

    Works for me.
  11. Hi Ole Grizzly

    When I was looking at scooters one of the models I looked at was the Bolwell Shark. It's made by Sym. They do the same scooter in both 50cc and 150cc. It's got a longer frame than the usual 50cc models so I think it would possibly be more comfortable on your trip, but it's not a cheapie.
  12. :? .....Well, what can I say...except "Bugga"...I feel like the guy being in a round room and told to go Pee in the corner. Maybe I should just stay home and weed the garden as my boss insists.
    :grin: Everyone has been ever so responsive to my question...Many Thanks. Now I guess it's really time to get off my butt and visit every bike shop and get on my knees and ask for a 'test ride'..
    Phew!!!!! now where do I start :roll: . No one has come back at me with having been around Oz on a bike yet...I'm sure most everyone would be interested about the adventure. Or, is anyone interested in joining me on their scoot....come on!....should be enjoyable.