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Looking to buy, motorbike apparell (ADEL)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Nasinski, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    just after some help, im looking to buy a few items of clothing, jacket, gloves, boots possibly from some sort of retailer or even second hand place if i have to..

    So far I've visited:

    - Bills (cbd)
    - Peter Stevens (cbd)
    - Bills (Main north road)

    Where else can i go to get these things?
    Are there any sorts of do's or dont's?

    If you have any links to previous threads, with some info could you paste them on the forum.!

    thanks Nasinski
  2. hey nasinki,

    contact muppeteer from teh SA threads, he has recnetly bought a second bike that came with some gear. he may be interested in selling on to you,

    could help ya out a bit?
  3. Well...........here's a thought.

    Go to one of the places you've mentioned and try clothing on. Find stuff that fits and you like the look of, and NOTE the brand, size, specs......then go onto the internet and source a cheaper deal. Don't overlook eBay - there's some inexpensive, quality clothing being sold on there.

    Just know your sizes first.
  4. thanks for all the input guys, i think ill wait for a bit til summer is headin back in. have a good one
  5. also try:
    Adelaide Motorcycle Accessories,Morphett St City.

    pretty good prices there
  6. Yeah - Good prices, but geeez that bloke could take a lesson or two in communication.

    Either that, or get a course of antidepressants!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yes he is a grumpy old Bastard, in fact his shop is more commonly known as Grumpy's Motorcycle Accessories and of course he is Grumpy.
  8. LOL - I was just about to add that!
    yes he's a miserable bastard.

    but his prices are worth it! once you get used to him, it's a good shop.
    At least he serves me, unlike Peter stevens...
  9. Have a look in Maximoto, Main North Road not far from Bill's, not a huge range but they did me a good deal, about $200 off the total bill of about $1200, good service too.
  10. LOL I've been in that place on morphett st once and I immediately knew what you guys were talking about :p I couldn't wait to get out of there, I was so uncomfortable!