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NSW Looking to borrow small motorcycle

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by JustCruisin, May 1, 2015.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am due for my P's test in less than a month & I still have not went to practice sessions for my MOST test. I own a Honda VT400 Cruiser Motorcycle but I want something easier to practice & do my P's test on. If anyone has a spare bike such as a Honda CT110 Postie (preferred), CB125 or a similar cheap motorcycle that they can lend to me on the weekends & on my test day, that would be great. In return, I will give your motorcycle the TLC it deserves & will bring it back with a full tank of fuel each time & a case of beer of your choice once I pass the test on it.


  2. So you want someone to loan you a bike at no cost, except there will be beer "if" you pass the MOST?

    Best of luck!
  3. I assume use of the 400 is inclued too tweet, how else is he going to pick up the little bike?
  4. No mention of the OP giving their bike to the owner of the little bike, just that your bike will get TLC and beer if the OP passes the MOST.
  5. Hmm. Thinking out loud here, but if you cannot pass the MOST test on your current bike, what says you should be riding it on public roads??

    Just a thought ;)
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  6. I aree with inztigator (who I can't tag because it keeps autocorrecting to instigator) - I have a CBR300 & on my L's, and think it would be way easier to use one of the bikes available to hire at the test (I think they have CB125's for hire there) but I really want to be able to nail everything on my bike so I KNOW I have the skills...
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  7. Aye, it's a thought that does occasionally come to me, too.

    The folk that get the biggest LAMS bike, I think its the Yammie 650 cruiser, or the fastest LAMS bike, possibly the RVF400 Honda, what do they do if they are trying to come up the hill from the Wiseman's Hotel on the south side of the river?

    About the second corner is a really tight, up-hill, left hander....well into the same tightness as the MOST U-turn.

    Or Galston Gorge road, where a couple of the hairpins are serious hairpins.

    If there isn't too much traffic about, I suppose they cheat and use some of the other lane, but, on a busy weekend, that isn't a real option.

    Borrow someone else's bike for the tricky bits?
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    I was up on those roads the other week on my VT400 & you're right. I ended up on the other lane twice, but managed in the end. Oh & once again, thanks for helping me fix my bike the other week.

    Eventually, someone will be kind enough to lend me one. If I was in a position to help, I'd gladly do so.

    Correction: Will always be topped up after each use while keeping it in top condition. Beer is when I pass the test (possibly on the first try).
    Also, what does OP stand for?

    Me & a friend will go with my car, I ride the little bike, friend will drive my car home. It will be easily worked out. Also, my full details will be given to the owner etc...

    I'm sorry but I never seem to get a straight response for anything nor do I see them often on other threads. Is netrider always like this? It's bad enough a troll named Vertical C lurks this forum. Why can't I get a straight response? I know I might not be offering too much, but I'm not being picky on what I'm after. Just something cheap & easy to use will suffice. Sometimes I feel netrider is full of ****'s no offense.

    Please good people of netrider. If my thread seems ludicrous, you don't have to respond to it. It's just out there if an individual is willing to help a learner such as myself.
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    Original Poster

    People on here are generally willing to help with their time and advice. Just so you understand though, lending a bike is in another league. There have been incidents here in the past when bikes lent, even between friends, have been damaged accidentally leading to bad feeling.

    There may be someone willing to lend you a bike but be aware that you are asking a significant favour of someone. That person doesn't know you and you are asking them to accept the risk.

    Alternatively the place where you are doing your test may hire bikes and most such places generally will allow you some time to get used to the bike before being tested.
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    And I am fully aware of that which is why I'll try & keep the risk as low as possible. I can only give my word but they're just cheap words in the end. Actions will prove myself but in order to do that, a measure of trust is involved & for that to occur, It's up to the individual on how comfortable they are in doing so. No force will be pushed upon anyone here.

    I'll say this. If I don't find a willing individual to lend me a spare cheap & easy to ride bike for the weekends/MOST test day within the next two weeks, I'll happily accept that fact & get this thread removed... (ugh I think I can remove it or lock it or a moderator does something about it).
  11. Chris pointed out the facts, and in a far more restrained manner than I was going to do.

    You want strangers to trust you with their bike and that involves considerable risk particularly as you are a noob and you will offer to pay for the fuel you use and some piss if you pass the MOST.
    If you don't pass you don't want to give the owner the beer? After all you used their bike pass or fail.

    In a nutshell, your dreaming!
  12. Just hire the bike from the testing place It won't cost you much at all if any.

    Most people only lend there bike to very good mates not random people on the Internet!
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  13. I think you would get a better response if you left your bike with the person thats lending you their bike.
    Why would someone put themselves out by lending you their bike, on a weekend no less, without adequate compensation? For a case of beer and only if you pass. The fuel and TLC is a given and doesnt even have to be mentioned.
    I would suggest you review your offer and make it more inticing and viable in the real world, because at the moment your living in Utopia playing ringa ringa rosie with Scarett Johanson.
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  14. #14 JustCruisin, May 2, 2015
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    That's a good idea actually. That can really assure the other party. Thanks for the tip.

    I checked before I even posted this thread. It's $120 for the day on a CB125.
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  15. Gonna give this thread one more try. To make things easier and less risky, I'm looking for a small LAMS bike between 125-250cc eg. CB, Ninja, Postie or any other cheap bike for my MOST test day only which commences on 30/05/2015. I don't want to pay $150 for the course's hire bikes. Too expensive. Willing to leave my bike (Honda VT400) and my keys at your place while I am using your motorcycle during the course. $20 and a full tank of fuel for anyone that has a spare motorcycle to lend to me for the day. I live in Rydalmere and can travel within a 40km radius.
  16. Thanks, but that's only going to be as a last resort. I'm simply asking for help from someone else. I need to get used to the friction point of one's bike rather than just hiring a bike for the MOST test only.
  17. Nobody is going to loan you their bike, deal with it and put your hand in your pocket and hire one. Stop being a tight kunt. You will get to ride the hire bike before attempting the test, and they are all piss easy to mange the clutch on.
  18. You've just wasted your time commenting here. It's as simple as not worrying about posts that you seem to hate. This is a thread where if someone is willing to help will oblige & I do not expect any more or less from it. If you're just gonna be that kind of individual, I don't wanna hear it. Go somewhere else.
  19. I feel that setting you on a path to enlightenment, particularly having regard to how much riders value their bike and their often reluctance to loan it to others is a worthwhile use of my time. I have plenty of it to spare.
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