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Looking to bling up your cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Blue14, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. There appears to be quite a few new cruiser riders now on NR ..

    I had some very good experiences with a couple of suppliers in the states when buying parts to bling my C50 when i owned it ..

    It is easy to buy ex the States when you have the right contacts.

    If anybody needs any help or advice, please ask me.

    Here are the links that will definately be worth looking at ..

    Glenn from Republic Cycle is a top bloke and is trustworthy as they come. Highly regarded for what he does.
    Here is his site and email address if you want any quotes.

    www.republiccycle.com ........... sales@republiccycle.com

    Another i found for Genuine Suzuki Accessories which you cant buy here in Australia.. Also very trustworthy www.alpha-sports.com

    Hope this helps you guys out.. :grin:
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  2. Those Suzuki parts at Alpha Sports look cool, and as tempted as I am, it's probably not worth blinging up my little 250 intruder...

    :: sigh ::

    But soon the Kawasaki NV900 will be mine! :p
  3. Thanks for this resouce Blue14, I have had several dealings with Glenn at Republic as I am getting together parts for when I purchase a C50 in July and prices have been usually cheaper than on the web site. All items shipped have been at my door in about ten days. Service and information feedback has been excellent.
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  5. I also used Republic cycle in the US and found them very reliable. My first order took 10 days to get to Oz. The second order took 7 days.
  6. my cobra exhaust took 2 and a half weeks first purchace from the us so a bit nervous untill they showed up but all good and will be importing again prices to good not to
  7. xyzbigred where did you order you pipes from?

    I am look at the moment for pipes for my shadow 750. witch i think is a honda areo 750 in the states.
  8. I have just purchased a set of Cobra pipes from West End Motorsports in the USA. Left their factory on 16 July and delivered to my door in Newcastle NSW on 21 July. Pipes arrived without a scratch. Mike DeLuca is the boss and replied very efficiently to all my emails. Overall cost was literally half of what I could get them for in Australia.
    Another supplier worth chasing for a quote is Cruiser Customizing: great website and amazing array of cruiser products for all makes. If they don't have it, it probably does not exist! :grin:
    I made the last purchase from West End as they were able to source a much better freight rate than Cruiser Customizing.
  9. I bought a new exhaust system and little chrome bit from Cruiser Customising in the states (off their website) and was amazed when the pipes arrived at my door exectly a week after placing the order.

    I've seen many other reccomendations for them, and i reccomend them myself!

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  10. Finally decided on a Roadhouse Brand slip-on muffler for my ride. After a number of emails to Shane at SS Custom Cycle I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived the following Tuesday (5 working days as promised). The muffler was only obtainable from the USA and I was cautious as it was my first time buying over the internet. Emails were answered promptly (allowing for the time zone difference). The price was $315USD delivered in the US on their website but I was only charged $305USD. Also quoted $90USD for shipping but was charged $86USD. I am very pleased with the experience and will not hesitate in buying from SS Custom Cycle again. Finally the muffler sound, how sweet it is.
  11. Wheels?

    I'm looking for new wheels for my VN800. I'm not a fan of spokes so looking for something more solid (less bits to clean) and ideally something with style. I'm having trouble finding anything. Any ideas?
  12. Re: Wheels?

    I cant post links yet but google "Scootworks" then on their site search by make up the top and then wheels in the side menu

    all depends how much $$ youve got to spend
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  13. Re: Wheels?

    I cant post links yet but google "Scootworks" then on their site search by make up the top and then wheels in the side menu

    all depends how much $$ youve got to spend
  14. Hey, thanks Ian! I've sent them an email to get more info. I can't wait to take care of the wheels. After that I'll be onto a seat, then might add a little something to the custom paint. Good times!

    I see you've got a VN800A. Does that mean it's an import from the US? Would love to see a pic of it.
  15. DSCN0896_edited.

    Its an aussie bike 1998 .. I have added Wide Leavers, Kury flame grips and pegs, also Lazer mini indicators on the front since this pic

    Just rec'd today 12.5" apes, West Eagle lowering kit and all stainless cables and brake line from ... ACCESSORYINTERNATIONAL.COM .. they were excelent to deal with and they do have EVERYTHING check them out
  16. Hey Ian, the bike's looking great. I notice the seat is an after market one. I'm currently looking at getting a new seat and yours looks to be exactly the style I'm after. Are you happy with it? Can you tell me where you got it?

    Re: lowering, I had my bike on a trailer yesterday and with it all strapped down you get a good idea of what they'd look like lowered - wicked! I think you'll be happy you did it.

    Love the look of your air filter cover. Is there any benefit to having it like that or is it purely aesthetic?

  17. The seat is a Granucci Fantasy Python .. Its very light, not a lot of padding but reasonably comfortable. I've done a couple of 300 + k days.. but it's no tourer ...

    The air intake is free flowing,airbox and all the other piping associated with the standard set up has been removed .. together with the pipes power has increased significantly .. and it looks awesome.

    Lowering kit and Apes were installed on the weekend .. I will get some pics when I am home in daylight and post a thread with all the mods so far, .. stay tuned
  18. thanks for the links! the stuff at alphasports looks great...... although might look a bit silly on my 250 intruder :p
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  20. Fellow Cruisers, Just bought a handlebar clock for my Yamaha V-Star 650.

    Great service & also added a spare battery free of charge.

    Clocks 4 Bikes