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Looking forward to my new CBR250R :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Waldy, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. :busting:

    I am dying to get my hands on my new CBR250R - which I should be picking up tomorrow.

    As soon as we get some dry weather, I'll be doing some short rides first, and once I am confident, I'll start coming along to the learner sessions at Homebush.

    See you all again soon :)


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  2. Woo Hoo !!

    It's not brand new is it?
  3. well done, congrats, welcome to NR and Pics or it didnt happen :)
  4. Peter Stevens has one advertised for $5990 with over 5000kms a brand new one is $6599, why wouldn't you just get a new one. I think PS have lost their marbles.

    Congrats! Yes pics are a must! I need to drool even more :(
  5. I picked mine up April Last year, per-ordered and because of the wait only paid 6k including on-roads, full insurance (including riding gear) a free helmet and free first service.

    I'd sell you mine if it wasn't financed.
  6. That was a good deal!

    Who did you get it from?
  7. Sunbury Honda Motorcycles.
    Really nice guys, very helpful, and completely disregarded my bad credit and approved me for anything I wanted. (should've nabbed the '11 Fireblade!)
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  8. Welcome to the new cbr club :D

    I had mine almost a year now.
  9. Waldy, are you Paul's (Noob) friend?
  10. Don't know what's going on with PS Tash. I was quoted $6000 on road for a CBR250 just before I bought my 400 (month or so ago). Some of the second hand prices on the 250's (ninjas or cbr's) are so close to the new price you'd wonder why anyone would buy second hand.....? Cheers.
  11. It's not only PS i got an email from bike biz yesterday with a cbr with 3500k's for $1 less than what i paid brand new:-s

    congrats on the purchase
  12. Yep, that would be me :)
  13. So you got it... is Paul allowed to go out and play with you ;)
  14. Mine is brand new, $5900 :)
  15. I reckon he might be allowed :p
    I need to clock up more time on the bike, rode it for 1/2 an hour yesterday just around the back streets, very comfortable to ride too :)
  16. niiiice !!

    I give you 4 months before you'll want to upgrade :D
  17. Ok, so I've had my new bike for 2 weeks, I love it, really easy to ride, cornering is piss easy! My question is: Can anyone recommend a mechanic in Western Sydney to lower the seat height for me a tad (say about 30mm)
  18. Hey mate, nice bike.

    Did i perhaps see you on the old pac today?
  19. Nah, that wasn't me - I'm having the bike lowered next week, I'll be out and about on it then (weather permitting!) :)