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Looking for Yamaha R6 riders

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by noobie_rider, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm looking to upgrade to a bigger bike and I really like the look of Yamaha R6. What are the good features and what kind of problems are associated with the R6.

    Guys with R6 .... please resond and be honest.

  2. Do you plan to use this for track days (mainly?) or commuting, city riding etc. That will help out a lot with answers :)
  3. The R6 is a girls bike.
    Real men ride a litrebike.
    Actually, that said... all the real girls ride litrebikes aswell!
    :oops: :? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh all right... i'll answer your questions.
    Common problems... 400cc deficiency to make it a real bike.
  4. I got a 2001 r6, no real problems with it at all except it could do with a steering damper as standard IMO, headshakes are a daily occurance for me :(
    There is supposadly some issues with selecting 2nd gear with some r6's but I aint had that problem so cant comment

    On a side note (this is sure to open a can of worms)
    I have ridden with a r1 before along putty road - and the r1 rider later said he couldnt overtake me below about 150-160 as the acceleration was about the same to that point (his words not mine) does this mean that r6's are mens bikes until they hit that speed? or was the r1 rider just being a girl and not givin it more stick?
  5. Probably just being lazy and not bothering to drop below 3rd gear.

    Then again, if it was a 2004 R1 or later, those things have a low/mid-range about as weak as any decent 600, so unless he was in the upper third of the R1's rev-range it's not going to out-accelerate a well ridden 600, which is precisely why I made the comment about which gear he was probably in.

    Around PI I was tangling with a guy on a 2004 R1, and me on my 2000 R1, and his observation was that unless we were doing 200+, the 2000 model R1 would just smoke him out of most corners due to its stronger mid-range, and heck, I weighed about 25kgs more than the guy on the 2004 R1.
  6. Funny you say that, a mate of mine lashed out big on an R1 when his 2 mates went and bought R6's, he traded in his R1 within a year on a 6 coz he reckons he was only able to show them up when they hit 180+
  7. Other thing to take into account is that the R1's are geared very tall for the first 3 gears. Depending on the exact model, 1st will get you to 130-150kph, 2nd to 170-190kph, and 3rd gear will take you out to 210-225kph. The R6's in comparison will be snicking up into 5th before the R1 even gets out of 3rd. All those tall gear ratios really take a toll on sub-180kph acceleration, even on a litre bike.

    If you really want a 2002+ model R1 to smoke an R6 below 150kph, put a tooth up on the rear sprocket, and a tooth down on the front sprocket. The corresponding ~10% lower final drive gearing will see the R1 blow the panels off an R6, provided the rider puts enough weight over the front wheel to keep it down.

    Problem with many of the road going litre sports bikes is that they are geared for around an actual (rather than indicated) 290-300kph, which unless you often find yourself on 3km long straights doing that sort of speed, it's far better to gear them ~10% lower.
  8. R6's are great bikes.

    In terms of comfort, it's a bit like sitting on a bar stool instead of a lounge suite. But it's heaps of fun. I do a 100km round trip commute every day and I don't have too many issues. I've done 900km days on it which isn't really pleasant on any bike.

    It's not the 'Best Bike in the Universe', has it's flaws like any other bike, but nothing I can pinpoint as being a real show-stopper. As Prawns said a steering damper would be nice, but I haven't had any headshake problems (on the road anyway). You can always fit one later.

    Puhhlenty of power, braking etc.

    What else can I say? They're good. Can't tell you much about pre 2005 models though :)

  9. Meh, silly |4's get a twin and the power is everywhere, no need to wind it on and then wait for it to get exciting :)
  10. Righto Vic. Next time we're out and about we'll do roll-ons between the 2000 R1 and your VTR. :grin:
  11. I've had my '02 R6 for juuuuuust over 4 years now and done 69k on it... not one issue worth mentioning. I love the bike and would recommend it highly. I have only had limited experience with the R1 so am not the best person to comment with regard to comparisons.

    I am looking to change now only because the ol' girl has quite a few k's under her belt and I commute around 500km p/w. I will be testing the new R6 and the R1 and am currently leaning towards the 6 but of late have had the feeling that revving a little less on the open road would be nice (hence the R1 tests planned).

    Whatever happens though, i'll still be on a Yami!
  12. How much would an early '00 R6 or 02' R6 go for in the market. I've looked in bikesale.com & trading post and the prices vary quite alot.
    What about km's? How much is too much for a second hand bike?
  13. yamaha's suck, get a suzuki or Kawasaki
  14. Dont suppose you can post your suspension settings adamsonline?

    Mine often headshakes badly under heavy acceleration in 1st,2nd and sometimes 3rd unless the road is really smooth.

    Ive also had a few highspeed headshakes (200+), These seem to be much more severe if they happen, one time it went nearly full steering lock--->lock several times and left a bruise on my right wrist from smashing into the tank, and knocked my left hand completely off the grip - scared the bejesus outa me, :shock: these wernt under acceleration (well hardly any) and happened over pothole repairs.

    Pretty much, if im accelerating fairly hard and hit a bump(s), prolly a 80% chance of it beginning a headshake (and if it doesnt, you can feel it wanting to)
    If Im cruising along and hit a few bumps close together the whole bike feels very unsettled in the front end and it feels like the front tyre is um...skipping across the bumps and losing contact with the tar alot, steering becomes erratic as this happens.

    sorry for hijacking the thread - but its not often you talk to somebody with the exact same bike who maybe has some settings to try :grin:
  15. Cheers mate :grin:
    Im a fairly aggressive rider also, Will change the settings on mine over the weekend and keep my fingers crossed :cool:
  16. will do mate, hmm might make a nice word document with settings+problems encountered etc Would be a easier way of keeping track of my changes :)
  17. Yamaha R6

    Which of the Yamaha R6 is fuel injected and which are carby injected?
    If it was fuel injected, would you be able to roll start it like a normal 250?
  18. adamsonline u run ur front wheel at 28 to 30?
    i run the front at 35-36 and rear at 38-40

    i own a 03 R6 - very happy with the bike but i need more power! I dont get head shakes that often but with the lower profile fronts (run on a 60 not a 70 like most bikes) it turns into corners alot quicker and sometimes gets unsettled.
    U really have to play with the suspension for that one. By the way does anyone know anywhere in melbourne where they can dial in your suspension and how much that would cost?

    The 03 are the first fuel injected R6's. Yeah you can roll start the bike but if the battery is totally dead then forget about it.
  19. finally got around to trying adams settings - mate its brilliant! completely different bike much more stable over bumps than it was, I now can put more power down without alota worry - So heres a big thanks to you - Its my shout if we ever meet :)
  20. How many km's is too many

    I'm looking at a '00-'03 R6 cause its the only thing i can afford.
    How many km's on the dile is too much for a second hand R6?