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VIC Looking for work

Discussion in 'Employment' at netrider.net.au started by MV, May 10, 2016.

  1. Hey guys & girls, I was made redundant on Friday after 11 years of full time employment, so I'm on the hunt for some work if anyone has any!

    My main background is the Audio industry, repairs, custom speakers, etc & I'll probably keep doing that on the side, but I'd like something else in the motorcycle industry if possible.

    I can swing spanners & am competent at pretty much any type of motorcycle mechanical work, as well as dealing with customers in a service & retail environment.

    I am booked in to do Cert IV in Training & Education to see if I can segue into motorcycle training, in the meantime, I'm happy to do most anything for the right price!

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. Sorry to hear about the redundancy.

    Wishing you all the best for the future and hope everything works out.
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  3. yup sucks arse for sure..both my wife and I were made redundant 2 weeks apart mid March this year :(

    Good luck with the job hunt
  4. Thanks guys, kind of sucks, but it's also an opportunity, so always look on the bright side I guess!

    How are you finding the job market NWRAP?
  5. In all reality there are lots of jobs out there..they may not be the one you want but its s stop gap while you look further.

    Having said that though I have been lucky enough to pick up some sub contract work with a contractor doing my old so have not really had to look yet (that and I was in the USA for 5 weeks on holiday after I got the boot).

    I will have to get into the market again now as does my wife.

    How are you finding the market?

    Good luck again and hope you find what you're looking for
  6. Good luck guys, as above there are a lot of jobs out there, could I be a bit forward and suggest you get your resumes into tip-top condition/format and fully updated for all applications (get help to do so if needed), and also to put in a specific cover letter with what you can offer that position to each job you want. This makes a huge difference to employer or agency advertising the job. A resume sent as an auto response off SEEK is bottom of the pile, and crappy resumes that are full of holes, lacking info and generally unprofessional do little for your chances as well.

    I just hired somebody, and of 60 odd applications, about 40 applications were trash, 10 were ho-hum, and only 2 really stood out. And they got interviewed and one was hired.
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