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Looking for wide boots for big ankle/calf

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pugsly, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. I've found a helmet, jacket, pants, bike etc, but I am having a shit of a time finding boots.

    I'm a big (fat) guy, and whilst I never thought they did, my ankles and calves (cows?) reflect that.

    I'm looking for MC boots for commuting in. I will be taking them off at my destination and putting on other shoes, so they can be pretty well anything. I'm looking for safety first. BUT they damn well have to fit! :(

    I've tried on boots at a bunch of places now. The only ones that fit (and it was tight) offered no support or protection other than abrasion.

    From a normal shoe perspective, I'm a 44EE. I can get my foot into most boots, but for most I cannot even start to zip them up.

    In doing some searches I was excited to see mentioned Medal boots, that looked like they did made to measure boots, but they don't appear to do it anymore.

    By way of reference, the last thing I tried on were SMX-5s, and no joy there.

    Can anyone suggest something from their experiences? Thanks.
  2. How did you go with Sidi boots? I haven't tried them, but I have the same problem as you and ended up with the short Alpinestars. Not as much ankle protection as I'd like, but better than the Rossi boots I was wearing previously.
  3. I haven't found anyone with the 'mega' sizes yet. It's something I want to try, even if the price tag induces tears.
  4. I can't say I have. I've been focussed on getting a boot, however if I can't get a boot, then that shoe might be good option. Thanks.
  5. Mine are more of a shoe, but still have 'reasonable' protection, especially for the foot. Best I could do. Better than nothing.
  6. Advantage can be that you can wear them all day. ell, I can with the Diadora ones. I usually wear them when I'll be walking around a lot.
  7. my son has big feet and he ended up getting boots at peter stevens clearance centre in town. all the odd sized boots seem to finish up there. but maybe you've been there. bikemart in ringwood are more helpful than most.
  8. Unfortunately yes, I was there this morning. The poor sales guy simply said "I'm out of ideas"

    I havent't tried Bikemart in Ringwood yet though. I'll stick 'em on the list for the weekend. Thanks
  9. My Sidi Apex boots are way too loose for me around the ankles. I need to put extra padding in there to get them tighter.
  10. tried ebay?
  11. Without knowing if they're gunna fit or not, that will become an expensive exercise. I'm all for ebay once I know what fits though!