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Featured Looking for VTR 250 (2003) upper fairing.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Jewfishy, May 6, 2015.

  1. Hey guys! Got a VTR 250 a while back, looking to do some mods. I was going to get a faired bike but I snatched a great deal getting the VTR for only $1000 mates rates. So looking to see if anyone knows a cheapish fairing I can buy and fit it to the bike to get the look I'm after. (Don't mind having to mod the fairing to fit aswell as some custom mounting bars). Looked around a bit and the only fairing I can find is a racing one from J-Parts which costs over $1000.

    Any help is really appreciated, and sorry if this is the wrong forum or something, I'm really new to this.


  2. Can't help you with retro fitting fairings, but I have to ask, why would you do that to the VTR? You could always sell it on to someone who would appreciate it for being a naked and buy a faired bike perhaps?
  3. Yeh don't ruin a naked bike by putting fairings. What if you fork out say $1000 (which I can't see you getting it for much less than that) and you drop the bike? That'd really suck. Just my opinion though
  4. Because I'm poor, and I love the bike, not looking for complete fairings, google the VTR - F250 to get what I mean, unfortuantly it's only in Japan. I love the rest of the bike, just think the fronts a bit ugly and love the look of a VTR with a small front fairing. Still want the engine and steel truss on the side to be open.

    (Would post pics but I'm not allowed to yet)
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    Heard of people getting some Duc 749/999 fairings and retro fitting them to VTR 250s, just looking to get some other opinions/advice. You don't need to spend anywhere near $1000 to do that...plus, I'll be adding some tank protectors or whatever you call them to the side so that the fairing won't hit the ground.

    Plus I'd use the stock light, cut a hole in the front of the fairing and create an extended mount for the light. Already got some cheap bar-ends and a pretty decent drag bar. Last thing I need is some cheapish front/upper fairing that is roughly the same size as the bike. Really couldn't give a crap about the quality, I'll be cutting it up and painting it anyway.
  6. JewfishyJewfishy it seems an awful lot of trouble to go to for such a little fairing. I love my VTR just the way it is. If you could save the money rather than spending it on this, you may be able to afford a faired bike sooner? Just a thought.

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  7. I love tinkering around with the bike. I won't be buying another bike as I head of into the defence force in a few months, the bikes basically my only hobby and I have around $400 to spend on it. Can't get a full time job yet due to college, so might aswell use what I have on something I love.
  8. If you're heading off to the defence force (reserves, I'm guessing?) you won't be coming back so poor. :D
  9. Nah, full time Combat Engineer, looking at a Triump STR afterwards. Probably keep the VTR and give it to my brother so it's a great little project for me and him to work on right now.
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  10. Fair enough. Good luck and if you do happen to pull it off, don't forget to post some pics!
  11. Will do mate, cheers for the comments!
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    you mean like some of these?
    "VTR250 cowl" search http://auctions.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?p=VTR250+カウル&oq=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=UTF-8&rs=2&slider=0

    "VTR250 bikini cowl" search http://auctions.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?p=VTR250+ビキニカウル&aq=-1&oq=&ei=UTF-8&slider=0&tab_ex=commerce&auccat=&x=0&y=0

    lots of options to buy off yahoo auctions these days and get it shipped to your door

    which model of VTR is it? what other bits are different to the faired model, ie brackets, dash etc.. you may be able to pick up the whole lot cheap

    edit: under cowl search http://auctions.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?p=VTR250+アンダーカウル&oq=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=UTF-8&rs=4

    vtr-F side cowls.. http://auctions.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?p=vtr-f+カウル&oq=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=UTF-8&rs=1&slider=0
    would need both left and right, the different headlight, and the screen

    or a HID projecter headlight with the side cowls.. http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k174302999
  13. I'm not really loving it oldcorollasoldcorollas , but good find.
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  15. :happy: I like mine just the way it is, but I'm sure JewfishyJewfishy will be grateful to you. I wasn't able to help much.
  16. Hey again, cheers for the finds. I've already seen the A-tech ones (would love 'em). But they're bloody expensive. Not looking for an exact fit, able to do alot of the work myself, I can built custom mounts if I need too (have a workshop on the farm), just need something that kinda fits.

    But yeah, looking for something like that of the A-techs, but can be for any bike, with or without a light (seen a few racing ones go cheap), as I can use the standard light and just make a new frame for it, aswell as cutting a hole in the fairing for it to poke through.\

    Just wondering if anyone has had any kind of experience with this before, and of a bike with a similar size that has fairings. Thanks again guys, the help is really appreciated!
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    can't help with the experience, but can help with inspiration from kits already available
    KDC about $450ish for fairings (not including seat cowl) http://kdcfrp.cside.com/partsrist/vt250.html

    could keep it mostly naked with side and front cowl like this http://imp.webike.net/commu/photo/61089/419984/0/

    not sure which cowl this one is? looks same as this, and says it is a race cowl

    this guy has used a VTR1000F cowl, with a generic under cowl, to get this look.. so at least VTR1000 sorta fits

    Motobum is more exxy than Atech, at around $2K for fairings

    also not sure of origin of this one with rectangle headlight (scroll halfway down to black bike) http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/tamafd3s/folder/1341346.html?m=lc&p=3
  18. Thanks for the help mate, yeah looks like I could source a VTR1000F cowl and cut off some of the lower part of the cowling. (Going for a look much like the A-Tech fairing you posted before). Looks like it fits alright so shouldn't be too much hassle to get it mounted.
  19. It does look ok. Sorry I doubted it. :) I just love all things naked ;)