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Looking for upright seating position recommendations

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hilary, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Hi, I test rode a Suzuki GS500G and a Kawasaki ER-5 today as I want to upgrade from my Suzuki TU250. The '98 TU has now got 70,000 km on it and I don't know if it can take it too much longer on Brisbane's gateway motorway.

    I was hopeful that the bikes I test rode would have upright seating positions, but unfortunately not enough (good deals going on these bikes new though). I am after recommendations for a bike with an upright seating position as I commute 100km to work and back each day and don't like leaning over on the sports bikes (too old and back gets sore). I am mostly after economy and the bike doesn't have too be too powerful.

    I was aiming for a minimum of 500cc, road bike, about 1998 onwards, and low kms as I clock up 25 to 30,000 klicks each year. I was going to spend $7,500 today but the Suzi and Kawa were too much lean over the tank for me. The new Suzi DL650 is a little out of my budget at the moment.

    Look forward to hearing from someone, then I can go shopping again.

  2. maybe try the same bikes with higher bars? just about anything can be made to suit if you really want it to.

    i'd say the GS and ER (maybe hyosung comet 650?)would be about what you want, good commuters, and there isn't really that much to do/spend to make them suit you more IMO. if you want too much more of an upright postition, you might have to either look at something a bit older or maybe more of a dual sport bike or something? but i'd think some higher bars on your first 2 picks would do the trick.

    whatever you do, dont go near the 85 GSXR750, your back wont go back into place after that :LOL:
  3. I agree. Sir Skuffy has Renthals on his 1400 cos it suits him, and, unless either of the two bikes has cast handlebars, you should be able to fit after-market bars to suit your personal preference.
  4. same bikes with higher bars

    I hadn't thought of this. Many thanks RC36Honda and Coconuts. Will see if they will do it in the price quoted.
  5. aprilia tuono!
  6. I got the same problem (buggered right shoulder from playing rugby).

    I've ridden a CBR for a long ride before and after an hour, my shoulder kills me.

    The bikes I test rode that didn't do that to me.

    Aprila Pegaso
    BMW F650
    Honda Deuville
    Ducati Monster

    Bikes I tested, that had it stuffed.
    Honda VFR (which was a shame as that's what I was thinking about).
    Ducati ST

    For 200 klicks a day, wouldn't a mid range tourer be better than a commuter? (like an older Beemer, like a mid 90's R80? )
  7. I wouldnt discount a bike due to a 1 hour ride.
    If u r reasonably fit, your body will get used to the riding position after a few weeks.
  8. Hey, check out the Suzuki SV650 naked. they have a very upright position and they can easily take a different higher set of bars if you want it to.
  9. I'd go the V-strom.. I've only sat on it stationary but it was so comfy
  10. Same as the Revere btw, just with fairings. Prob is, their as rear as hens teeth, but if you can find one, a good bike. If i ever replace the Revere, it will be with a Deuville, better for touring.
  11. Beat me to it, I doubt that you would even have to change the bars, I had to put flat bars on mine as it was too upright. Also there's the option of changing the rear sets which alters the riding position quite substantially.
  12. yep one of those
    or check out one of the Kwaka ZR-7s (not to be confused with the ZX-7Rs)
    a nice naked......... with grunt

  13. To repeat, I've got a busted shoulder from rugby. The crouched position buggers me up. Nothing to do with my fitness (typing all day does the same to it as well)
  14. Damn, didn't know that.

    Doover only came out 2 years ago, so on the second hand market, yep rare.

    Also shaft drive as well, which means less maint.
  15. yeah take the fairings off and its the exact same bike. Theyre used heavily as courier bike in London, they sell by the crate load over there (well, were anyway). Its not unusal to find them with 100,000+ k's. Reliable as..
  16. Is the revere shaft drive as well?
  17. Yup, surely is. I'd never riden a shaft drive bike before this one. It kinda intersting. And dont let anyone tell you a shaft drive bike cant pull a wheelie, my bike is proof you can :)
  18. Yeah, dual sport like a Beemer 650, or a Yam super-motard.
  19. Many thanks

    Went looking for these at Moss St, Brisbane today:

    Aprilia Pegaso
    BMW F650
    BMW F650 GS
    Ducati Monster
    Honda NT650V Deuville
    Honda NTV600/650 Revere
    Kwaka ER-5
    Kwaka ZR-7s
    Suzuki GS500
    Suzuki SV650 naked
    Suzuki DL650 V-strom

    I found a 2004 BMW 650 which looked absolutely fantastic but the $12K price tag was out of my league. I found some pictures of the Aprilia on the web, but couldn't find any in the yards. I have found out pretty quickly that motorcycles do not depreciate as fast as motor cars, so will most likely run with something new with replacement handlebars.

    I really appreciate the advice as it has helped me a lot getting the choices narrowed down.