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Looking for upcoming renting in Inner City Melb?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    it seems the time period for our current housemate to "get back on his feet" after a busted relationship last December is coming to a close. He's mentioned he is likely to move out "semi soon". I'm guessing any time from 1-3 months? We're 20 minutes walk from Southbank, flinders st etc. Just near Yarra River, Richmond Train station + Hoddle street. Also across the road is houses with no side areas so we hardly hear ANY traffic. One of the best spots I've been to in "Inner City". We have a big spa, garage room for another 1-3 bikes if I move some stuff around (easy for me to do actually if needed). We're in a dead end street kind of (can access other areas with a lane which not too many people know of :) ) so traffic is fairly low in our spot. Damn nice if I say so myself. It's an old house but everyone has commented on how cool it is when they see inside :)

    Rent cost is anywhere between $120-$160, depending on factors like sharing of Internet/foxtel/chores. For time being, any 9-5 workers will have full use of the bathroom as Emma starts work at 7am mmon-fri and will be working 9-2 on Saturdays for a bit now on. I'm on medical leave so I can work my time around getting "ready for the day" with any housemate/s. We have ADSL2+ with iiNet (if you like downloading data, I get about 120-150gb a month), secured wireless for local network + sharing of internet if needed(plus cables to routers), foxtel + usual utilities. We get electricity put on in 1-3 years ;) When I do get back to work, I'm a computer network administrator is my profession.

    I guess either ask me questions in here or via PM if you want to. I'll take pics of the place today. Also Emma loves cooking meals and she cooks here 5-7 days a week where I do the other times with meals "I can do" with my injured shoulder. We're very flexible with anything so just ask and see what can be done :) We're about to sign a 1 year lease in the next 2-6 weeks, depending when the REA gets around to it. We're looking to buy a house (Emma + myself) in 2-5 years, all depends on how my arm heals as with nerve damage, it's taking it's time...15 months + counting!

    I can't think of much else and I guess I'd besat be getting ready for physio :) Ben (current housemate) thinks it's ok here I guess, he was here for a short period, 1-3 months at most which has so far turned into 6-7 months + counting ;) We can work out a time that someone would like to move in and we'll come to some agreement I guess (Ben, you plus us 2 who share 1 room). 2 bedrooms, a study, lounge, kitchen + bar, 1 locked up garage + carport behind locked gates. Power in all outside things.


    How approx location is here :) It's not our street, ours is closer to swan street but I didn't want to reveal exact street location :)
    Ok, I'm done :)
  2. mmmm... interesting...
    pm 'd you
  3. Well blodders is moving out, final year of uni = not much time to work = not much $$ to pay rent + eat so he has gotta move to where it's free to live.

    If anyone is interested, please send a PM and we'll talk :) I'm gonna advertise in a few days on flatmates but wanted to see if anyone from here wanted the room. Room will be free end of Feb.
  4. Hmmm...

    How about 2 x of us and a newborn?? :LOL:

  5. If you can handle having just the one bedroom, sure.