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Looking for TuneBoy / TuneECU assistance Melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by richseventysix, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Hi there, am looking to get a little more performance out of the bike, and from my research it seems the scales tip towards using either Tuneboy or TuneECU (as opposed to a Power Commander unit).

    Can anybody recommend a workshop here in Melbourne who specialises in this sort of thing?

    Am aware this can be done DIY, however, to be honest, am not all that confident in my tech skills.

    Any help, leads, greatly appreciated.

    '09 Triumph Street Triple R

  2. Hey mate,
    I got my 2010 gsxr750 custom ecu reflashed ( no power commander needed any more).
    I got fantastic results, I used Dave at Dyno bike in morabbin ... Or phil taiton racing in wantirna also reflash your stock ecu.
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  3. Sorry I can't help richseventysix with names of experts, as I had my Striple done in Sydney.

    What I can tell you is that it is definitely worth the trouble if you can get it done right.

    I've got to get out now, but when I get home, I'll have a hunt for the dyno sheet and the tune I had done to mine.

    Assuming I can still find both the sheet and the mapping file, you could just load mine mapping onto your bike.

    Mine was done using Tuneboy, and I dunno what happens about a Tuneboy licence, mine was licenced to my bike.

    Mine wasn't ex-factory, an R model, but I don't believe there was any mapping differences between the standard and the R models.
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  4. Rick at http://www.tmrc.net.au/ could help you on this one. He's in FernTree Gully, only 30 or so minutes from Port Melbourne.
  5. Dyno Bike for sure & check out the Rapid Bike systems, you can also make timing changes which you can't do with the PC units (maybe the Tune Boy does that too, not sure), but Dave at Dyno bike has vast experience with this stuff & also does ECU reflashing now.
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  6. #6 CrazyCam, Apr 20, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2015
    OK, so I'm a slack bugger, but, what with the Boss home at weekends, I forgot.

    Here is the dyno sheet that I promised...

    DynoforGutted exhaust. Now, that was on a bike with a standard looking exhaust, but which had been elegantly gutted out...no CAT, no baffles...and was done without any changes to ignition timing, so the bike still ran quite happily on 91 Octane fuel.

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  7. Cheers CrazyCam, Thank you for the trouble. I may take the easy route and take it to a shop - just think knowing my skill set i'd probably stuff it up! However, i would like to ask, after the re-map - did you notice a significant difference in power delivery etc? I've been quoted around $700 for the retune, so not small change.

    Also, thanks everyone else for the input - Dave at Dyno Bikes Moorabbin look like the guy to go to.
  8. Old age and confusion is catching up on me.... :-(

    The last one I posted, the Weaponry one, was with the non stock exhaust.

    Even when I had the completely standard bike, it did feel much nicer to ride after the remapping

    I did discuss with the bloke doing the job that I wasn't actually that bothered about max. bhp but was more interested in improving mid-range torque.

    The improvement was sufficient, after I calmed down from track days, that I fitted a front sprocket with one extra tooth, and the bike pulled that slightly taller gearing, no sweat at all.

    As for the price, TBH, I don't remember what mine cost, but, it was a new bike and was built down to a cost....... I had also thrown a Penske rear shock and spring, and, eventually a Daytona front end on to it.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Certainly does - Thanks for the input... It's good to get first hand knowledge of these sorts of things. Very much appreciate the feedback.
  10. I paid 695.00 for my ecu custom reflash with Dave at dynobike back in January this year.
  11. Thanks Nick, I thinks thats what he quoted me as well. Can i ask if your were happy with the outcome, notice much of difference in performance?
  12. Hey mate,
    Yes I was very happy.
    before tune 124hp. Torque 52nm
    After tune 131hp. Torque 56nm.
    Mid range is crazy all the way to redline.

    My mods are.
    Full exhaust , kn filter , velocity stacks.

    The things dave did to my ecu was.
    Remove all the timing restrictions .
    Removed top speed limiter.
    Changed thermo fan to switch on at 95c and not the stock 105c.
    And a few other things etc.

  13. Brilliant mate, Thank you. Definitely seems like the man to goto!
  14. You won't regret going to dave mate.
    He knows his stuff, and no bulls##t.