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looking for triumph mechanic in melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by carri27, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. as the title says. any recommendations?

  2. ray at rideaway triumph 1267 north rd oakleigh 0429194904 for older non injected bikes charlie 32 stubbs rd kensington 93721299 for newer bikes
  3. charlie @ turn one, the triumph guru.
  4. /Thread over
  5. I love you Carri27. I need to find the friggin engine number too... long story.
  6. Interesting........?
    We need to talk ;)
  7. I'm with you Stookie, charlie is a fukn muppet but all the blind fanboi's will never listen as to why... ;)
  8. you just saying that cause he refuses to work on your bike :p

  9. tell us why browny ?
  10. Out of idle interest, where do you go?
  11. High Octane MC in Thomastown, boys there have been flawless since day one in both my bikes and before I even started riding (i.e. They checked over all the learners bikes I was interested in from private sellers to check I wasn't getting ripped off etc).

    I also recommend 60 Degrees MC, i've had dealings with that team, brilliant work also.

    Most other workshops in melb i've heard this or that, nothing really major but enough to know how happy I am with mine.

    Charlie the muppet, my only limited dealings with him were all bad for no particular reason. First contact I was very positive about him as all the fanboi's spoke highly of him but could never say why, sheep anyone?? I was told he could sell Daytona's, so I enquired. His first and only price was matched to Peter Stevens but with a 1 week delivery and no extra's, where as PS had a one hour delivery (but I took 24 hours) and a seat cowl included. Guess which one i'm going to take. What was interesting was he told me
    20 times never to tell PS that he made me an offer to sell a bike, he wouldn't shut up about it, so I agreed and ran with it.

    Secondly, the sale was dodgy IMHO, the bike was owned by a shop in shepperton (as I found out later), so any warrenty shit would have to go through them, but of course he wasn't going to say that was he. Turns out he's had his arse kicked before by Triumph AU or PS about selling / offering to sell bikes. Interesting.

    Then on another day I pillioned a friend to Turn One to collect his bike, he saw me in my new Daytona and went ****ing banana's, screaming at me that I wasn't to tell PS that he made me an offer to sell me a Daytona. I never ****ing told them, and he just got on his band wagon and rambled on. I was in his shop at this point and his rudeness almost got him decked by me, but my mate was bum chums with him so I just walked out and left him with his bike.

    Again on another day I was playing bike pillion with a mate to collect theirs, and he played this rudeness card yet again, plain ignoring me when I went to shake his hand etc, been an arsehole for no particular reason. What I find interesting is his turn around times, one week for a basic service to mates who have been loyal in going there. While i'm not going to give a figure of the turn around times I recieve, lets say its a **** load quicker then that, and that includes getting parts!!!

    Speaking of parts, i've been told first hand him taking parts off other peoples bikes and lending them to other riders for their bikes because the first bike is sitting for a while according to him (or does he tell the owner other parts are back ordered?), and telling people to keep it a secert. That's ultra ****ing dodgy!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen a warrenty claim on a triumph part take months and months for something that should be a direct swap, and i've been told first hand by a member on here that's he's screwed him around etc etc, again, said member is a loyal customer.

    The guys a **** wit IMHO, his customer service is a joke, is business operations are down right dodgy, and I wouldn't dare trust him with my bike even if I were on good terms with the maggot. The only thing he HAD going for him was he was the only other mechanic (besides PS) in melb to have a Triumph Tune Boy for re-mapping ECU's etc for pipes/cans, but now I know of a few other mech's that have subsitutes. He apparently worked on a Triumph race team according to all the fanboi's, but no one can give me proof, but what I was whispered from someone in the industry for a long time was something completely different such as servicing track bikes, not a race team!!

    Yeah, Charlie at Turn One, top notch mate!! :thumbs:

    Btw spawn, its not that he refuses to work on my bike, it's that I refuse to even let the the c#%^ near it!! ;)

    (excuse an spelling or formatting, using phone here)
  12. Secondly, I don't usually like to bad mouth people where I can, it takes a bit to get in my permantent shit list, and only two people in the MC industry have made it on mine;

    Charlie @ Turn One

    Steve Hendy the (so called) photographer!!
  13. thanks for the heads up brownyy know anyone out east?
  14. Ha ha. From what I've heard about Charlie, part of his popularity is the No-soup-for-you! service experience. Makes for some good fireside stories afterward anyway.
  15. While I appreciate the fact you've had a negative experience Browny, and I understand he is not particularly warm and friendly to a lot of customers, I personally have had no issue with him and he has gone above and beyond to do the best thing by me and my bike. Everything he has done for me has been spot on.

    Having said that, I would also recommend 60 degrees. I've been going to them for anything between services and they have been great also (y)(y)
  16. Anyway, personality clashes aside and unfortunate (for you) 'getting off on the wrong foot' experiences, OP was "looking for triumph mechanic in melbourne" and Charlie matches the criteria and was posted. I don't there's any doubt about his abilities to fix/tune triumphs. I've had nothing but good experiences with him and my bike runs like a dream!

    I just wish he could be 'authorised' by triumph to do warranty work so I don't have to go to the -real- muppets at PS for warranty work (ignition is intermittently cutting out but PS couldn't 'find' anything) ](*,)

    /end thread.
  17. FWIW (and out of date now I suppose), I had nothing but outstanding service from him for seven years. But there's no doubt that he doesn't take to everyone that walks in the door. Go where you're comfortable.
  18. I know it's been mentioned before, but Sixty Degrees are great. I just found out that they can service my ST3 when I dropped my old bike off for a roady, and I'm stoked. They're absolutely fantastic and I was mightily annoyed when I was first told that only PS and Turn One could service my bike.
  19. I have had warranty work done by Charlie. He just need to get approval from Shepperton to do it.