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Looking for track day buddies

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by zx9er, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Herrow,

    I have recently bought myself a track bike but unless I convert my dad's trailer I have no way of getting it to the track. I live in the lower blue mountains and eastern creek is my closest track. Is there anyone out there with a trailor or ute etc who is willing to help?

    I'd also like to make some buddies who go to the track to compete with etc and have a beer or two as well.
  2. i dont have a trailer, ute, nor do i drink or compete but your welcome to hang out with us at the track I'll be at EC on 27.11 & another in Dec with some fellow NR's

    so if you there just drop me a PM
  3. Hire a trailer from Kennard's, etc. It's probably the most cost effective way unless you convert your old mans trailer over..
  4. You sound like just what he was asking for.
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  5. +1, some servo's also allow for trailer hire

    conversions can be expensive, i would just buy a dedicated bike trailer
  6. I'm on the waiting list for the 27th, fingers crossed. If I get in ill garage up with you.
  7. sounds good Northerner is booked on that date as well...we are both in Yellow group
  8. Ah cool, I'm on the list for green. Fingers crossed!
  9. Sounds good everyone. I'm going to try and book in for the 27th too. I didn't realise they would sell out this fast! Sharing a garage sounds like a good idea.

    On another note is there any insurance that will cover your motorcycle for track days yet? I know they have it in England but I haven't seen any advertised in Australia.
  10. Doh!

    I wasn't paying attention and booked in for the 20th of November instead of the 27th! Is anyone going on the 20th????!!!

    I booked into C group since it was the only one available.
  11. I think I booked myself in for EC track day on Sunday, December 16th ... When did I do that?? I have an email confirmation and paid etc ...

    .. ARG!! .. My subconscious is taking over ... ARG!!

    Well whats done is done.. all that's left now is to... COUNT DOWN THE DAYS!! Bwaahahaha

    Anyone else doing the 16th at Sydney Motorsports Park ?
  12. sweet you can time me......if you have the patience!
  13. Ok I'm booked in (green) for
    - nov 27
    - dec 14
    - dec 23

  14. I recon a servo trailer would be the best way.. they're really cheap for the entire day and you don't have to rego and store it for the rest of the time.
  15. Kennards have proper bike trailers to rent
  16. Serial?

    Isn't anyone booked in for the 20th of Nov?
  17. Its fellow motorcyclists, just make friends on the day with whoever is in the garage with you. You will get one or two surly people but most are great,
  18. +1......
  19. Yep you're right. I always find familiar faces whenever I turn up without looking for them. Speaking of that I spotted you climbing onto a ninja on the 7th in the staging lanes. I was on the roof watching my mate go around. I was hoping I'd bump into you at some point but it didn't happen.
  20. Yeah that would have been me, it was a perfect day, sunny but not too hot. I was there with friends that day, but the day before I went as well but alone as I bought a ticket late, had a great day then as well just chatting to the people in the garage. I thought that I might be bored with no one else but it was not at all.