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Looking For Thoughts - Honda VTR250 or CBF250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lucanos, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Hey All,

    Well, I am halfway to my L's (did the mandated Pre-L's last weekend, and will hopefully do the knowledge/eyesight test this week) and of course, that leaves the next two parts of my journey to biking to come - the bike and the gear.

    Gear should be easy enough to figure, but I am hoping for some advice on the bike.

    My Pre-L's was done on Honda CBF's (at H.A.R.T. in St Ives, Sydney) and they were good. They had the "idiot bars" on them to protect you if you dropped the sucker, but I like the riding position and can't really see myself being a full-leathers and street-racer kind of rider, so it looked pretty close to what I wanted.

    But, with more research come more options - I found the VTR250, which seems to have a very similar shape, but 2-cylinder instead of 1, and, if the stats I found are correct, smaller fuel capacity (seems funny...)

    So, looking for some advice - which would be a better option for a commuter/first (legal) bike/weekend cruiser?
  2. VTR250 without a doubt.
  3. lol this thread keeps popping up. its VTR250 vs All other Ls bikes.

    VTR wins every time :)
  4. I'd say VTR...

    I rode the CBF on my P's and didnt like it one bit....
  5. Having test-ridden them both, VTR wins hands-down. No doubt the CBF is a good bike (although made in Brazil, not like other Hondas in Jap), but the VTR just blows it out of the water. And if you do a search on Netrider, you'll find approximately 250,000 other posts saying exactly the same thing :)

    (Having said that, I ended up buying neither and walked away with a VN250 :cool: )
  6. You should go with what you like. I like the VTR, with an after market pipe on it - the v-twin sounds so sweet - and riding naked :grin:

    You can get oggy knobs to protect the tank.
  7. Apologies for asking a question which had been asked a thousand times before - tried searching with Google, but no joy.

    Anyway, thanks all for your feedback - I was leaning (no pun intended) towards the VTR, but this overwhelming feedback basically sealed the deal.
  8. CBF is cheaper.

    VTR250 is a lot more expensive.

    You get what you paid for. But the CBF is fine too. Value either way.