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Looking for the stories of thorough wash'n'cleaners

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bondsundies, May 13, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'll start by saying that I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, so move me if it isn't!

    Anyway, what I'm here to humbly request is some in-depth stories/discussions/incidences of 'end-of-the-ride' cleanups for a story I'm writing.

    Basically my character is a motorcyclist, as i'm pretty fond of bikes, and his pseudo obsessive compulsive cleaning of his bike makes for a later contrast in character. However, based on the fact that the old TTR250 is sitting in a shed somewhere and is in the process of being serviced I haven't had any use for my License yet and thus little experience in the matter myself.

    Trailing off a bit, but the bottom line is I haven't had much cleaning/repair etc. experience for a fair few years now and am looking for some specific brands/names/cleaning of parts/techniques that you guys use. If you've seen or read it, imagine American Psycho-esque descriptions: "i used the 'X' brand soap with my 'Y' cleaning cloth to 'Z' the [part]" - spare no detail. Even links to engine parts breakdowns or guides or whatever will be greatly appreciated!

    At this point the bike will be some form of naked bike - Duc Streetfighter, the Triumph Triples, Gladius or something. Can't say for sure, though I'm leaning the Streetfighter at the moment. As long as its black.

    I guess as some form of disclaimer i ought to mention that what you guys post may be directly used in the final product (please say if you're not cool with that!), though at this point I'm really just trying to get together information that i can use to write a 'scrubdown' for myself.

    Thanks heaps in advance!
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  3. We're meant to wash our bike's?
  4. Yet to wash mine! Bought new last Nov!
  5. I cringe at a dirty bike, you can't tell how much they don't know/care.
    -dirtbikes excepted obviously because they NEED a coat of dirt

    When i first got my brand spanker, cleaned it after each ride.
    didn't do it for long, but a while.

  6. bikes are to be enjoyed, and ridden preferably hard.
    and only to be washed in sections, for maintanance and mechnical reasons.....

    or if there is a special event of some sort... then you can wash it:p

    for a dirtbike, get a big (i beleive they come in 4l conatainers) of bike cleaner, available from your local dealer. and a pressure cleaner.
    once thats done apply plexus to keep the plastics nice and be doen with it (dont forget to plug the exhaust and the airbox)

    for a roadbike....
    well thats more complicated
  7. I commute on mine everyday, and 1 ride in the rain = absolute mess. With the unpredictable weather in Melb I just can't be bother cleaning it after every ride. I try to do it once a week if it has been in the rain.
  8. no im talking dirty like those people with a car that actually has white paint
    but it looks mud brown

    like a nice new cbr 600, with a good dose of road rash, dirt, and chicken strips= sad

    as an opposite, seeing a dirt bike with no dirt on it is also heartwrenching
    dirt bikes also make you go flat stick over speed humps!
  9. Rain is a pretty awesome thing, once you think about it.
  10. I went on a cross Australia ride with a large group of mount proud riders... every time we stopped for a night most of them would break out the Mr Sheen and micro-cloths and wouldn't stop until the showroom was again only 2 feet behind the bike.

    I felt guilty one dewy morning, for not having a clean lustrous ride... some kind of strange peer inflicted "clean envy"... so I used yesterdays socks to wipe off yesterdays bugs.

    It left me entirely satisfied, in ways that are hard to describe, as I had set to rest the envious beast and yet managed to keep my bike the filthiest of the fleet. :D
  11. NK leaned against the post supporting the front verandah and drew deeply on his cigarette, pausing only to take another swig of beer from the bottle in his gloved hand.
    "That's right boy - get in there nice and deep, like" he growled at BondsUndies, who was currently on his knees trying to reach those parts of the engine that never see sunlight, but catch dust and bugs nonetheless.
    It had been a while since the last wash, but that wasn't NK's fault, exactly - it was hard to find the time when you're on the run, let alone a bucket and clean sponge!

    Is that the kinda story you're looking for? I could go on...
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  12. i wiped the exhaust soot off my shaft, after a hot and heavy cleaning session
  13. If you write a story about a rider who is compulsory obseesive about cleaning his bike, I reckon Arc is going to sue for libel.
  14. Are you still talking about a bike? 8-[
  15. I'll PM you some links. I don't have any write ups on this forum, but I think I do on a different one.

    Maybe you'll find something useful in them. I'm the kind of rider who spends hours pollishing and cleaning their ride.
  16. Thanks for all the responses guys. If i knew how to nod, NiteKreeper, i would: nice stuff. sounds good Robin. I guess part of the point too is that he's a bit fringe in his cleaning habits. I imagine when i get on the road myself 'cleaning' will be going really fast and hoping the dirtiness flies off like caked mud or something.
  17. In the year I owned my Enfield I only washed it twice, because each time I did it was completely filthy by the next day *shrug*.

    He sprayed water half-arsedly onto the bike, and thought to himself...'Good enough'