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Looking for summer pants (ladies)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by happy.grl, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. As the heading says I'm looking for some textile summer vented overpants, with armour, that aren't too pricy, don't look too bad, fit well and that are comfortable.

    Do they exist??

    The closest I've found are Joe Rocket Cleo but I haven't seen them in a store in Melbourne so I can't try them on

    Why are there so many choices for the guys, and hardly any for us girls...... and why is our stuff so much more expensive[ /rant]

    Any suggestions, both regarding the pants and where to buy them, would be most welcome.
  2. have you tried ringwood kawasaki? seem to have a lot of womens gear (and a woman runs the accessories bit)

    ps good choice of bike
  3. Hi happy.grl,

    I remember reading somewhere that Dririder have a pair of pants (airmesh) and are really cool and have armour in them.... maybe check that out? :)
  4. Thanks I'll give them a try on the weekend.

    It is a nice choice, isn't it :p

    Hi Starlet, I haven't heard about Dririder doing women specific pants, they do have the men's airmesh pants. If you could remember where you read it that would be great (I've done a quick google and no luck with women's stuff)