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VIC Looking for stock shadow 750 pipes

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by troy, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. hey guys.

    not sure if i have posted this in the right place but i need to borrow a stock muffler for a honda shadow 750 to get my RWC to get it transfered to my name.. or if anyone here knows of someone who will let it pass :)
    its a 2004 model

    thanks in advance guys

  2. There are cheap ways to quieten down your current exhaust. U can get cheap universal baffles off eBay. Get some of those big ball steel wool from buntings. Shove a few of those down the pipes and then stick the baffle in and screw it in. Bobs your uncle
  3. ok cool i do like the steal wool trick lol ill see what i can do thanks for you help basejumper
  4. Thanks for that.
    If anyone has recently registered a bike in Victoria what are the process with VicRoads and what they do when they check the bike?
  5. Hi Troy,
    I am sharing from my experience in NSW and not sure how it is in VIC, some mechanics might insist on having the stock mufflers to pass the blue slip, but if it is just for pink slip you can take the bike to any car mechanic and get it done. Call few mechanics and find out if they can pass your motorbike without stock muffler.
  6. If it is registered, then you just take proof of ownership ( receipt ), transfer form and RWC to VicRoads and they process them.
    No need to see the bike.
    You will need to ensure it is close to stock noise output for most of the mechanics to do the RWC.
  7. He bike is unregistered I have just gotten a pass so I can ride it for the next 4 days. So when I have to take the bike to VicRoads for them to check... I'd it just vin and engine number etc or will they just go over it with a fine tooth brush? Lol
  8. In nsw it all depends. My blue slip guy walks around it and that's it. Others go over everything. I am fairly sure that u do not have to have the stock pipes. If the inspector is picky it just has to pass the noise level test.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.