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Looking for some minor assistance.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jym, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. G'day everyone.

    I'm looking for someone between the Brisbane/Gold Coast area with a really nice Cruiser.

    I recently proposed to my girlfriend, and we are beginning to organise wedding plans.

    The one thing I've asked for this event was that we, or at least I, can arrive and leave on a gorgeous cruiser. The louder the better, the flashier the better.

    Just wondering if there are any Netriders out there who are prepared to loan me, or let me rent a really obnoxious chopper.

    I know I can rent one from a company, there are plenty out there, but why give my hard earned dollars away to some no-face company, instead of one of my fellow Netriders.

    We have not set a date yet, but we are looking at March next year.

    I'm not looking to set anything in stone at the moment, just testing the waters.

    Let me know guys,
    Cheers, Jym.
  2. So you want someone a stranger, to loan you their bike?
    Dream on sunshine, that won't happen unless you have cash upfront for if you write it off
  3. That's clearly what he's suggesting
  4. I believe money will be exchanged.
  5. It would probably be less risky to not exchange money, if you are renting it then it is for business use which is usually a question on insurance.

    If you lend it you only risk the non named rider, which for my insurance is zero and the normal excess.

    I don't have a cruiser though.
  6. I've got a GS500, I could fit some ape hangers and take the muffler off, should be close enough.