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Looking for some advise

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Slice, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just got my L plates in WA and I'm looking at buying my first bike. Settling on the sale of my house in 2 weeks so I've starting looking at bikes so that I can buy one before the wife spends the money.

    I'm looking at the Hyosung Comet GT250R for a first bike beause it looks like its got a good engine and I like the sporty look. Can't find many reviews on it so if anyone has any comments that would be helpful.

    Also looking for some comments on gear as I'm looking at an Alpinestars TZ1 jacket, Alpinestars SP3 gloves and perhaps some dragin jeans.

    Cheers in advance! :D
  2. The Hyosungs are a new entrant to the market, so there won't be too many reviews floating around. From my test ride on the GT250, it seemed like a pretty good bike, fairly comfy, much bigger feeling than other 250s. Engine is fairly torquey, but runs out of grunt quickly (typical v-twin).

    They sound good with the factory sports can too.
  3. I reckon draggins are a good choice for the WA heat.

    Dunno about the Hyosung, you'd be a bit of a guinea pig until they're more established and people know what to expect from the bikes in the long run.

    That said, we'd be nowhere without guinea pigs and they look reasonably good, so why not, if the price is right? I agree the GT250R looks dead cool, a lot like a daytona 650 from Triumph, although the clocks are utter shite and I'd hate to look at those every day!
  4. Go to the hyosong website there is reviews from bike mags ,that they linked to there site .
  5. From the web site the bike is basically the GT250 with fairing.

    I've been riding the GT240 for 4 months now and find it a good solid bike.

    Have done both commuting and the odd long ride 6hrs or so without good old numbis bumbis or back pain.

    I'm around 6ft so the size of the bike appealed as it is bigger than most 250's.

    My only worry is when it is time to upgrade what will the resale be like?
  6. I think thats alot of ppls worries with the hyosung, the resale. I really want to get one but lil worried about how much i face to loose?
  7. Check out the latest free motorcycle paper from the bike-shops (motorcyle torque??) they have a full test of the 650 model and speak quite highly of it.
  8. yeah resale is a little worries but i think i may be keeping this bike for a while so not as big a factor.

    Does anyone know how alpinestar jackets are for ventilation as it gets pretty got over here during summer and it pretty much my main concern with getting a jacket.
  9. If you can afford it, try a Draggin Jeans jacket for summer. There's a couple that are good. They'll take body armour and have a very open mesh weave with the Kevlar underneath. Good for hot days. When it's wet just toss a nylon rain jacket over the top.
  10. You've probably already seen it but have a read of this
  11. Another poster said think Draggin Cargoes.

    I've got the black jeans and they're hot in the summer - the knitted kevlar is a good insulator.
  12. I've got draggin jeans (black) and cargos, the cargo's are a looser fit & a fair bit more comfortable in summer.

    Had a spill on some oil and went sliding across the road (4 lanes) and the only damage was black oil/bitumen stains that took a coupla washes to completely fade out. My Motodry jacket melted where the sleeve rubbed on the road (as did a patch of fairing)

    They also make cargo's with zip off lower legs, same protection, cooler when your'e off the bike. Wouldn't reccomend riding with teh lower legs zipped off tho :wink:

    I bought off the web and got knee armour thrown in. Takes a bit to get used to, sticks to the kevlar with velcro patches. Works OK when you sort out the positioning.