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Looking for riders in eastern suburbs

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Azbo43, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm only new to this and haven't really got it under wrap yet!
    I'm looking for people to ride with in the eastern suburbs, preferably around my area (Croydon). I haven't got many mates that ride and get quite bored riding alone! Mainly for weekend riding as I'm usually tied up with work during the week. Any takers would be great!

    Thanks, Ryan

  2. G'day Azbo43,
    Don't we all (!!!) regarding getting bored riding alone.
    Try a search through the same section of forums you made this post on - you'll find organised events on most days of the week. You'll meet lots of netrider folk here...but psssst...make sure you introduce yourself in the 'Welcome Lounge...' Section (y)
    Safe riding, Ryan (and welcome).
  3. My bad, thanks for your help mate!
    Might see you out sometime :]

    Safe riding to you too!
  4. hey mate im in ringwood north but i work on weekends, well 7 days a week actually. but am free to ride during the evenings 7 days :D
  5. Tuesday nights Marks place in Wantirna, Cnr Boronia road and I think its Wantirna road. Quite a few NR's meet there from 6-30 PM.
  6. Deadman, is does a ride actually happen at Mark place or is it just a coffee night? Might come along as is very close to where I live.
  7. Just a coffee night, but you get to meet great people and could organise a ride or two from there.
    Teaching Heather to ride takes a great deal of my time these days, She is getting very good at it,
    She is an all weather rider, as the rain follows her where ever we go, It usually buckets down on the way home,
  8. Sweet...I live in Croydon North, usually work weekends though.

    What kind of rides are you hunting for? Short/long? Practice or a little harder?
  9. Come to the Wednesday night rides in Carlton! I know it's kinda out of the way but you can always meet some other riders half way and ride in with them. That's what I had been doing before I crashed my bike lol

    I'm over in Clayton and also free most week nights (when I get my bike taped back together).
  10. Yeah, the Tuesday coffee night is a good place to meet good people :).

    Ah-huh! So that's what happened to you! We were beginning to think you didn't love Jesse any more :p.
  11. Haha yeah.

    Don't think you guys will see me on a ride this side of Christmas :(
  12. What about a parma or game of pool?
  13. azbo, we are going for a ride up and around healesville, kinglake etc this sat if you want,
    I can confirm as im on mooroolbark and your welcome to come. if you are , just pm , we usualy meet about 930 at shell in lilydale