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Looking for replacement Engine Suzuki Boulevard M50 2012

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by richardsongmt, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Hello there,

    No doubt you've all seen my post (Con rod through Engine Block). No go on Insurance as it's mechanical, so, not up to paying $4k for a new engine plus labour.
    Any ideas where I can locate a new engine (not at $4k, got the feeling I'm getting ripped of there) or recommend a wrecker?

  2. Wreckers, if they have one will hammer you for it most likely. Try buying a whole bike at the salvage auctions, take what you need and see whatever is left.
    Often stat write off late model bikes can be bought for <$1-2k.
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  3. Thank you Tweet, still looking for a replacement Engine, got the feeling it's going to take a while

    In the mean time greatly appreciated if somebody can look at the attached image, I'm in the process of removing the engine, soley so see how much damage is actually inside.

    Would I be safe in assuming I can't get away with a new Engine Block/Crank Case, Con rod and Bearings? (lot cheaper option and I can readily source the parts)

    Thank you

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  4. That's assuming too much, the bent conrod has a piston on the end of it, bores could be split or anything
    You'd have to tear it down and do a careful inspection and measurement of everything before you'll really know.
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  5. As above, plus I'd say the crank is probably toast as well.
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  6. Agree with both of the above!
    You have no way of knowing what damage the stray metal did before she evacuated her bowels.
    It will be cheaper sourcing a second hand direct replacement. The motor's come out of bikes very easily so if you're handy with a spanner, you and mate should be able to do it in an afternoon. Get on the phone and start ringing wreckers and every time one say "no", always ask if they can recommend someone else as they all know each other.

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  8. Pretty sure the crank will be damaged, quite often it will split the piston liners as well, and then theres the debris from this catastrophe that would be floating around in the bikes gearox and all parts of the engine.

    And if the bike has an external oil cooler, then make sure that you flush it as well ( if not a full replacement )
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