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Looking for place/s to ride around Melbourne in winter

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by mailerdaemon, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Can anyone tell me if/what are some good riding routes around Melbourne during winter?

    I'm after plenty of low to mid speed corners. Challenging corners. 100km/h posted limit would be great.

    I've just recently moved to Melbourne and went up the Black Spur yesterday but it's slippery as hell. I didn't even bother going further on to the Reefton.

    Please tell me that there are some good rides in winter down here that aren't mossy and slippery! Is there a riding season down here?

  2. Go along on some of the netrider rides and you'll be taken along good roads, with company too!
    Look in the event/ride calendar, and under ride planning [vic] in the forums.
  3. If you can't ride the spur in the wet, you oughtta hang up the key til summertime like the rest of the Ducati club! ;) :p
  4. What does "around Melbourne" mean?

    From an Altona Meadows vantage point:

    The black spur is at least an 80minutes away. That's not really around Melbourne - worth the trip though. Once there - there's access to lots of fun variations/alternatives.

    St Andrews/Kinglake road is about 45 - 50minutes away. Ditto re: access

    The roads around the Gembrook/Belgrave area are about 50minutes away... Scenic and fun - wet and slippery... ditto re:access

    Mountain highway is a good 50+ minutes, away before the fun starts... ditto re: access

    The dandenong mountain tourist road, 50 - 55minutes... Ditto re: access

    GOR (Torquay) is about 55minutes...

    GOR (Lorne) via Deans Marsh (my preferred GOR route) - it's well over an hour to get to Deans Marsh and then the fun begins

    Daylesford via Trentham - 35minutes before meaningful twisties.

    South Gippsland... another treasure trove of roads - could be 90minutes before you're riding something fun.

    Arthurs seat - 75minutes before you reach the 3km of twisties... not worth the effort.

    Yarra Boulevard - 25minutes (city & highway) riding... be ready for a licence check even if not speeding...

    Most of those minutes are on straight "middle of the tyre" wearing roads. Borrrrrring.

    Altona Meadows sucks from a twisties vantage point... prolly explains why I'm so often traipsing through the wombat state forest for a coffee in Daylesford when I feel like a spontaneous strop.

    Once I'm over east though... :grin:
  5. If you don't like the mountains in winter, you're going to struggle.
    Soth Gippland is a good option but unless you're already in the southeast, it's a long trip to get there.
    One possible option in the north is to take the Whittlesea - Kinglake road (mostly open sweepers) up as far as Kinglake WEST, and head down to Yea via Flowerdale (good combination of medium-fast corners plus a little tight stuff). Only the immediate vicinty of Kinglake is at any significant altitude, so you've got a better chance of avoiding wet/damp conditions than the spurs. Not in the same league in the dry, though.