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Looking for photographer in Stanwell Park/Stanwell Top today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SeanBear, May 24, 2015.

  1. Hi guys and girls, first time poster but have read through these forums a lot over the years. It's a long shot but I am looking for a photographer I passed today in Stanwell Park/Stanwell Top. The gentlemen set up on a corner near the top taking photos of riders passing through. I threw up a 'peace' sign as he took a shot and kept on my way - I was wondering if anyone knows of the individual/would they post shots from today up on these forums?

  2. Oh man, you're gonna need more than a peace sign when you get busted for not saying 'hello' first post ;)
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  3. Don't know where he was today but John Keogh often shoots around there.

    Welcome to NR.
  4. Well he did say Hi, thats a sort of hello.
  5. he did have a banner up on the other side of the road :p but I didn't get time to read it

    at first I thought someone had binned it on the outside of the corner (heading south)
  6. Haha crap. I thought the 'Hi guys and girls' was a good enough intro. My name is Sean, originally from Brisbane but have moved down to Sydney and starting to explore a bit more. Here is the whip. I have a big riding group in Brissie but looking to join more down here. [​IMG]
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  7. ............ standards here are slipping Mac ;)
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  8. Ahh well this was a messy start.
    I thought it was a police officer with a speed camera ...
  9. We are a very tolerant bunch, hadn't you noticed ? :)
  10. Introduction is up in the "Welcome Lounge" now haha.
  11. it was John Keogh - his FB page said he would be in the park this morning
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  12. Wicked thanks for that - wouldn't mind buying the shot today cheers
  13. Thanks for that - got in touch via email and organising it now. This was way easier than I thought it would be this Forum/Members are awesome haha
  14. if it wasn't John, then it was unlikely to be Dan/Scott as I know Dan was driving to Albury today some time.
  15. Sean, you realize you have to put the photo up here now.
  16. When I get it I will no worries
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