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Looking for personal opinions on an FZ6N and SFV650 Gladius

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by arlennnn, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys,

    So my time to upgrade is coming up (sorta) and I've done some deep thinking and figured rather then hopping straight onto a supersport I might try my hand at a more friendly naked first. I really want to try everything out (bike wise), and I mainly commute so this has changed my perception on what I want.

    I ended up finding two reasonably priced bikes, one a 2005 FZ6N and the other a 2007 Gladius. Both priced exactly the same with similar kilometers.

    I've sat on both, they feel great. I'm just looking for opinions of people who've ridden either/both as to what they thought of them in the long run.

    Cheers :)
  2. The Gladius, being a V-twin, performs strongly almost from the start of the rev range. Its engine is a sweet gem and will provide LOLs right off the bat. I'm on my full licence and have a bigger bike, but haven't gotten rid of my LAMS Gladius for this reason.
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    Mate, if you don't mind going up to Bendigo, would like a bargain, and wouldn't mind a somewhat sportier position, I highly recommend Stormtrooper's 2002 SV650S. He's just dropped the price to $4200. It has the same engine [but carbureted, not EFI] and excellent all-rounder. Bloody bargain for that price.
  4. My son has an '08 FZ6N. He bought it with 2000km on it. It now has 65,000km on it. Up until a few months ago it was his only transport (he finally got his drivers licence and bought a car).

    His only complaint is that at 6'5" he finds it a bit cramped on long rides. That needs to be put in to context, he found it cramped when he rode from Wagga to Brisbane only stopping for fuel and food.
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  5. Thanks! Was looking at a non-lams version, so it should be even more awesome. Will also keep stormtrooper's bike in mind!

    Awesome to hear, definitely makes my choice between the two that much harder
  6. Both crap.
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  7. If you haven't already, take them for a ride. Buy the one you like the most. Simple really.
  8. Yeah that's what I'm planning, but as I'm looking at buying from a dealership, I'm not too sure how keen they would be on letting me ride a bike I'm not allowed too
  9. tried the fzn myself, it will commute no probs there, quiet, boring. no real punch but for what you want, it will do the job, the v-twin 'thing' you can only experience it to appreciate it. I ride a hornet900 at the moment, it puts a smile on my dial, as above, ride and pick the one you feel better on, and yes, easier said then done till you are licensed to do so, patience, then pick once, pick right!!
  10. There is no way I would buy a second hand bike without test riding it first and getting it checked by a mechanic (not the dealership).
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  11. why not get to sat prac session, ask to sit on bike or too and take it from there?
  12. The V-Twin is more fun, and sounds better.
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  13. Definitely agree, was going to get a friend to test ride for me and when I'm serious get it checked out by a mechanic.
    I've been meaning to go to sat prac for a while, but now I work every saturday which puts a spanner in the works...

    So I took a walk down elizabeth st today to see what I could find, and ended up finding a good looking 2010 zx6r. After sitting on it for a while it's safe to say I'm somewhat smitten! It's totally wiped out the thought of getting a sensible bike out of my head :whistle:

    Now I have to contemplate whether I want to take out a small personal loan or not.....