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Looking for opinions on DriRiders vs leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gsxxer, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. hi, firstly ill explain my situation....ive been riding through the canberra winter in dririder summit jacket and pants and with the winter lining in ive had no complaints, theyre amazingly warm. but with the weather warming up again on some days ive found the lining to be far too hot. no problem i took the lining out, but now i find it too breezy and a bit more worrying theres now only a thin textile layer between my legs and the road.

    so my question is from two angles, as far as riding comfort how good is a 2 piece leather outfit, is it too breezy and open or does it not breath very well? and secondly with only the outer lining how safe are the dririder jacket and pants?

    any suggestions welcome, even pricey items. screw the budget

  2. you will be warm in anything safe, over summer.
    i suggest leathers.
    theyre the safest IMO.
    get em perforated ones, so they breathe alot better.
    i have a 2-piece A* suit, can zip up if its cold, or if its stinking hot i zip up to keep the hot dry air out lol.
    if its wet, i just wear plastics over the top.
    no matter what, i have the best protection on.
    if its cold, just wear more thermal stuff, the plastics keeps the wind/rain out 100%.

    never owned dry-rider/other synthetics, but what i hear from people is theyre great inthe wet (ones that dont leak lol), but in the hot, or even warm, they get too hot and dont breathe.

    or jsut buy it all, and see what u prefer urself :p
  3. +1.....What e said! :)
  4. As far as comfort for leathers, I can only comment on the day I spent in hired Joe Rockets. The comment I'll make on the one piece I was wearing is that it was very comfortable and I felt well protected. Leathers are rather warm in the warmer weather, but so will pretty much anything you'll want to hit the road in.

    Does the CE armor stay in the pants when you take the liner out? If so I think they'd be rather good for protection. The Summit jacket should also be fine with or without the liner (I have the Nordic 4 - I assume they are built similar).
  5. the liners are for warmth not crash protection. I've got tiger angel textiles and just vary what I wear under them according to conditions. thermals in winter. jocks & t-shirt in summer. (and switch to a mesh jacket if its real hot).
    MY memory of living in canberra is that you'll cook in leathers in summer.

    knox have armoured shirts and shorts if you want more armour underneath
    or you can get separate chest and back protectors etc.
  6. +1 about the Tiger Angels. Liners give no extra crash protection and are only for warmth.

  7. I just recently bought a leather jacket for serious riding in warmer weather but I'll be buying a textile mesh jacket for riding around town in summer. No way would a dririder be cool enough in summer at low speed - liner or no liner.
  8. i have a 2 piece set of redline shift jacket and pants on order so ill be trying them in the next day or 2. redline pants are by far the most comfortable ive tried, they have stretch sections all the way up the inside thigh and into the crotch so your privates dont get caught in a nutcracker.