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Looking for on/off road bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Thomas24, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Hey all,
    First of all I'm very new in motorcycle and I haven't got a lot of experience yet.
    I'm a backpacker and want to travel around Australia and therefore I'm looking for a bike that's like a hybrid for the high ways and the outback and that for a good price ^^. Can you say me what I have to look for? And which suits for my idea that I could have a look for it while I'm working.
    To be honest I don't know if I'm travelling on my own or with other, i would prefer alone so I need a lot of stuff on the bike.

    For any links or ideas I would be very thankful.

  2. Lol you're in luck , my 650 V Strom is for sale , very low kms as new
  3. Do u have a full license? How much $ are u spending ?
  4. Drz400, dr650, Klr650, ktm 690, dl650(vstrom) all capable relatively cheap dualsports that can be setup for what you want. Or go the opposite direction and buy a bandit/vfr/fjr and fit semi off-road tyres.

    All depends on your budget and how on/off road you plan to go.
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  5. I haven't got a full lizenz, but I don't know if this is necessary because I heard from a lot of people they haven't one and driving a big bike.

    I thought about 2000-3000$. I haven't got it yet, I'm still working to get my sec. Year and after that I want to start.
  6. All these things are throwing up a few red flags for me. Im usually all for jumping into the deep end and wish you luck but please do some very thorough research and plan extremely well. Australia is a massive place and most of it is unforgiving, locals can plan a trip like this for months and still come unstuck.
  7. Good list.

    I'd scratch the DRZ400 due to 10L tank capacity and the KTM 690(adv)? due to parts/service in Aus.

    A Jap single or twin would be the best bet I reckon.

    KLR or V-Strom.

    Good luck mate.
  8. My suggestions would be based on how much dirt vs bitumen you plan.

    More dirt, then DR650 or KLR650 for ease of parts and repairs
    More bitumen then Vstrom 650 or versys 650 for similar reasons.

    Luggage options are also fairly wide for most of these, so you should be able to carry water, more water, and some spare water for when travelling up north. Oh, and don't forget some water.
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