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Looking for Newbie Riders In Melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Miss_dj, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. :p Hey Guys and Gals

    Im looking for new riders (all ages) to organise a weekly or fortnightly ride around our beautiful city.

    I've only been living in Melbourne for the past year and a half and am interested in meeting new people and i guess to have a bit of fun! :LOL:
    If anyone's interested, please let me know as im eager to learn and build my confidence! :?

    Safe Riding!

    -Jamie :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. Hi Jamie
    I'd consider my self just getting off the newbie status, been riding for about 2 years, havent been on any netrider organised rides as yet.
    What part of Melbourne are you from?
  3. bloody great idea
    i was going to suggest it but u beat me to it.... :p
    great mind think alike.... or spend too much time here lol
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Hey,

    Well i guess i use the 'newbie' status as an excuse for when i stuff up!

    I'm in Cheltenham at the moment but I'll be moving to Hampton east in a couple of weeks.
    Ive been very intrigued by the whole 'bike rider' clique and find it very comforting being able to talk to other bike riders especially being so new to the whole thing...

    Where r u from?
  5. Jamie,

    Get yourself along to the coffee nights and join in on some rides/events. You'll soon develop a network and be riding socially in no time at all.

    By the way, you might want to edit out your mobile and email address... you may possibly get some unwelcome intrusions since it's now available for the whole world to see...


  6. Miss_dj , i'm starting back at uni next week (Slacker time) so if you want to go for a ride anyday of the week pm me and we'll figure out something.
  7. Thanks for that Robsalvv!

    Can you see the number now?

    Yeah well im not blonde but i definatley had a blonde moment when composing the post!

    I only thought about it on the way home and it was only after i received 2 text messages that i thought ^%#!@$

    Oh well, ill change my number if i get any intrusions!

    Looking forward to riding with you all someday soon!

    -Jamie :)
  8. there are always plenty of events on the go.. and how is the bike going ??
  9. I'm not really much past newbie status (solely by virtue of no more restrictions), and I often put together learner-friendly rides. Keep an eye on the Ride & Events section, and get along to as many as possible.
  10. hey someone post her mobile number up please.. i missed it!!! :LOL:

    welcome aboard.
  11. Welcome to Net rider Miss Dj, I am also very much new to this, got the bike back in Augast last year and have only done 3000 km on it. I have been on a couple of rides with the group, and they are very safe, lots of fun, and everyone looks out for each other. I look forward to seeing you on the rd, take care.
  12. A newbie myself and a few other friends of mine have just got their licenses aswell. I'll be planning a short ride in the next couple weeks with them. Pm me if you wanna come along
  13. i would be happy to take u for a few ride's miss dj :grin: im guessing we could go for a squirt along the peninsula sometime! a nice easy ride and we can take it easy for ya :wink: its in ur area and probly good for u to get familiar with it so u can just jump on the bike and ride on those days when ur bored hehehe.
    if there is any particular areas u wanna ride or anything just bike's just pm me and we can chit chat about whatever :wink: i'l do my best to help ya out luv :wink:
  14. Newbie rider as well.. Always happy to cum along for a ride as well :)
  15. Im free on fridays and saterdays and Im always looking for people to go for rides with. Im new to the area kinda so I am used to getting lost and then dicovering "ahhhh so thats where that road goes" So yell out if you want to go out and get lost.

    You will be in good company.