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Looking for new rubbers soon.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by geeth, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. I am trying decide what tyres to get when I wear out the sportsmax.

    I know that I don't ride overly hard on the twisties but I am gaining confidence.

    I am looking at maybe a bt-016 front and bt-021 combo or a pilot power 2 front and rear.
    My main issue with picking tyres is that I do about 350 km a week currently on the centre wearing motorway and only get out to the twisties on the weekends - only 1 day.

    I was told that the bt's will wear out much faster then the pp's.
    I was advised not to go the 2ct's as they wont be as good as the pp 2s.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Brett for your bike, riding, and experience you can be confident in the PR2's. The sides stick pretty well and the center wears very well :wink:
    You'll need to spring for $520ish though
  3. Have heard good things about the PR2's though there was a mechanic telling me if I go down that road I should get a PP2 front as apparently it's a better match then PR2's front and rear.

    The tyres above are ~$480 fitted.
  4. I cant comment on unmatched PR2's but I'm happy with mine.
    I know someone who scrapes pegs on an FZ1 with PR2's fitted :)
  5. That's pretty damn good actaully.
    Will give a call to a few places and price them up.
  6. Just did a quick ring - one place was 533 fitted for PR2 rear and PP front - the difference from pr2 and pp front was $1
    another place was 465 fitted for pr2 front and rear. it would seem that there are no more pr2 fronts in my bikes size :p
  7. What sized hoops are we talking about Brett?
    PR2's (Michelin) do have supply problems occasionally.

    EDIT: Just had a google. Front should be 120/70 17 which is a very standard size. 160/60 rear is a little odd but you may be able to go 180/55
  8. 120/70 and 160/60
    The 120/70 front is the that they are having issues with. Though I wont need them for a little while longer at this rate. So it's not to much of a concern. But a PP on the front doesn't concern me. Will end up with more grip on the front then I would know what to do with lol.
  9. Only prob with the PP on the front mate is...more grip, less wear as is softer.

    From your riding I'd say go the PR2's both ends, doubt if you'll ever run outta grip and they'll wear more evenly.

  10. Rubber for your bike: Bridgestone.

    RubberS for your wang: Ansell.
  11. nothing but bad luck with these :p