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Looking for new job

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jamesbk, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Hey, i need a new job badly, i'm currently doing plastering and it makes me want to kill myself heh.

    I'm not really looking for an apprenticeships or traineeships (since it'll stuff up one of my long term job goals). I'm 19 years old and don't have much job experience at all except this current plastering job, so i'm after tips and stuff about where to go to look for a job, I've looked all over the internet and have applied to loads but most of them fall through. Is it hard to get a job washing dishes or anything? cause even that is looking favourable now.

    Thanks for any help (btw, i'm in geelong if that helps anything)
  2. What are your long term job goals?

  3. I want to do an apprenticeship with qantas being a mechanical engineer, but according to them i can't have any other trade qualifications to do it, so yeah..
  4. Well, I'm currently working in security. Pretty cushy job most of the time, pay's not to crash hot, but not too bad I'm getting about $13.50 an hour last time I checked. Pretty easy to get into, you do need to do a couple of courses (first aid, and certificate in security of some sort), and then apply for the license. It took about 2-3 months to get that all sorted out for me.
    I wouldn't recommend it as a career, but it's ok as a job to get you by.
  5. I was thinking about security heh, what do you do in it exactly? There alway seems to be a lot of positions for them going around.
  6. Also Bluey, do you know of any good security training places in or near to Geelong? I can't seem to find any on the net or the phone book.
  7. If your on Unemplyment Benefits, go to Centrelink. They will
    organise & pay for your license which costs $700+
  8. My mate runs a training academy in Footscray.

    Security is not too bad a job.

    You can be paid $25 an hour depending on what you are doing and who you are working for.
    The majors like Chubb/Wilsons will pay award which is 2/5ths of bugger all. Not too sure what the award is now but 5 years ago it was paying $12.50 an hour + 20% afternoon/night shift, + 15% casual loading takes you up to around $17 an hour.

    Get into patrols, that's the best if you dont mind working night shift.

    I've been in the industry for over 10 years and have done pretty much everything from guarding a hole in the ground to personal protection to doing armed work.

    I'm not doing it full time now, just casually every Thur & Fri evenings at a hospital.

    Let me know if you need any help.
  9. I was doing it for 13yrs on the side as well until i got my license cancelled
    3yrs ago by the Private Agents Registry.

    Looking back, its the best thing thats happened to me. I wouldnt be where
    I am now if I was still in the industry.

    Made a clean break & left my job as Correctional Officer as well.
  10. Thanks for all the help people, i'm probably gonna go for the security thing now until i can afford/get into what i really want (aviation).

    As soon as I can afford the $35,000 it costs to get a commercial pilots licence that's what i'll be doing most likely, or the apprenticeship in mechanical engineering on planes, maybe even both.

    But till then i'm thinking of getting my security certificate through the International Security Traning Academy in melb, are these people good or are there better? I'm thinking about doing the course which starts on the 14th of nov..
  11. On your CPL. How old are you?

    I've got a mate who flies. Only on his people so far. And another mate who got his CPL, but couldn't get any work.

    Getting your CPL isn't enough. You need to clock up a lot of hours to try and get a commercial job. Easiest way to get those hours though is to become an instructor (you claim the hours flying). Also the younger you are, the more likely you are to be hired by one of the airlines.

    It is _highly_ competitive to get a job though. Highly competitive. There are also lot of out of work pilots in Australia.
  12. Bro, their fine. Reputable & have been around for yonks
  13. Whoops, sorry, read your original post. 19 is fine.

    Though getting the dosh together to get your CPL is another story :( (I'm still trying to get the dosh together for my people! :) )
  14. ISTA are ok, I certainly wouldnt go there. I know things have changed and all, but...........

    Get a price for the course you wanna do and let me know, I'll see if my mate can beat it.
  15. The cost the course ISTA are doing is $595
  16. Give Australia post a ring. They are always looking for guys to ride their posty bikes.
  17. Then you can start dropping off some cheques down my way :D
  18. hehe, do you need a bike licence to ride one of those? Cause i'll be getting mine in december...too far away.

    That wouldn't be a bad job either :p probably bad pay but i could do it. Do they really have lots of positions going for that?
  19. So you like Singapore it seems???

    I would try to get into the mechanical maint. industry - maybe even as a junior at a garage or something??
  20. sorry dude, dont mean to take over ya thread, but... :p

    Whilst on the subject of security work. Is it easy to get flexible afternoon/weekend work in security? Been considering looking at doing it for some extra cash... How long is the course? trying to figure out if i can work doin the course around work... Also who would be good to do it with in nsw?

    Thanks :D , sorry again