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Looking for naked muscle - suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TarmacSamurai, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Hi there

    New here and hoping for some advice.

    I'm in the market for a new bike and I want a naked retro-style muscle bike. My last bike was an old 1985 XJ900. It was lovely, but after two and half times around the clock it was time to retire.

    I'm looking to spend up to $10,000, but hopefully a bit less.

    Things I've considered are:

    Yamaha XJR1300

    Yamaha XJ900 Diversion - though it is a bit "beige" as bikes go.

    Honda VTR1000 - anybody know what it's like on the back? My wife is a consideration in the choice here!

    Honda 900 Hornet - don't know much about these. Any good?

    Honda CB1300

    I absolutely love the XJR and it would be my first choice, but not sure if I can get a good one in my price range. Anything to look out for or be wary of there?

    As you can tell by the list, I'm a big Yamaha and Honda fan, not much of a Kwak or Suzuki fan, but open to well-reasoned suggestions.

    So, any help out there?
  2. By the way, my price range is a little bit flexible, but not by much. Every extra dollar is a conversation with my wife...!
  3. *cough*z1000*cough*
  4. he said comfy on the back and the z1000 isn't that

    but have you considered the ZRX??
  5. I can do naked muscle.... but you're a guy so I can't help you :p
  6. there's an interesting hornet 900 in the bikes for sale
  7. Just got a new hornet cb 900.......................AWSESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    smooth, fast, powerful and easy in the traffic. can turn it on 5 cents and leaves the taffic behind in a blink!

    test ride one and it will bring ya back for more for sure!!!

    $10990 ride away!


  8. VTR1000, not a naked, but the fairing sure makes things more comfortable on the real long trips. i've seen some pretty nice naked conversions anyway, probably the next mod i'll do, now that the brakes and fuel system are done.
    i personally found the back to be pretty comftable. my missus reckons she finds it comfy enough to do a stint to surfers and back from sydney on it! you will need to sit further forward as padding gets a bit thin the further back you go. sheepskin seat fixes all this but.
    drivability wise. they are a friggen awesome bike, compliant and settled with tractable, punchy power from very low in the rev range. much lighter than the big bore nakeds. a dream to ride. i can see why some sports four potter riders find em a little boring to ride, since they are so easy to ride. as happy to cruise as it is to scratch and keep up with "real" sports bikes.

    ive got a mate with an XJR1300, he absolutly friggen loves it, and he's been riding 40 years. he picked it up for 3 grand, repairable write off. he knew what he was doing but. i know he has had a couple of problems with the rocker cover seals, and dropping the forks to get it to turn without a written invitation. other than that, no wukken furries.
  9. what about a Suzi SV1000 ??
  10. You have left out the grunt master of all nakeds.. GSX1400 :twisted:

    They may look a bit old school, but go test ride one.. :shock: :twisted:
  11. You haven't said whether you want new or second-hand, as far as I can see. You probably can get a terrific range and quality of the type of bike you want if you buy late-model low-mileage second-hand.

    here's a passel of them, all states, and some great prices


    The $13,499 one has only 842 kms on it and a heap of extras!!!
  12. Suzuki Bandit 1200?
    Yamaha FZ-1?
  13. jeez, Ross that picture is bigger than Africa; any chance of downsizing it (to, say 600cc :LOL:) for the poor sods on dial-up??????
  14. Yam MT-01
    Zook GSX1400
    Kwak Z1400 (if it makes it to production)
  15. Thanks for all the tips, folks - keep 'em coming!

    To answer a few questions:

    As for new or secondhand, I'm obviously open to a new bike but figured a recent, low mileage second hand bike would be more likely given my budget.

    The Z1000 is a bit too harsh on the Mrs, but the ZRX is certainly interesting. I'll have to check prices and maybe do a test ride there.

    Hornet 900 is growing on me. It's pretty ugly on the right hand side of the engine, but otherwise good. Especially if I can get a new one for around $11k.

    VTR is another that'll need a test ride with the wife, but the comment about Sydney to Surfers is encouraging. We regularly go on trips of up to 5,000km in a couple of weeks, so she's gotta be comfortable or those are loooooong km's!

    Suzuki SV1000 looks interesting but might be heavy on the arms on the longer trips. Another closer inspection required.

    GSX1400 - I did leave it out, but that's because it's just too damn fat. ;)

    Bandit 1200 is interesting, again it would probably need a test ride.

    The FZ1 just doesn't really do it for me in looks.

    Naked Hayabusa?! There's not even a seat there for the Mrs, let alone a comfy one!

    Honda CB1300 is a good looking bike and will require a test ride, especially after reading that short review that was posted.

    Yam MT-01 - by the gods, that bike is ugly! It looks like the mutant offspring of a V-Max and a Ducati Monster.

    I do have a weird leaning towards Yamaha and Honda, mainly due to experience with Kwaks and Suzukis over the years that have always left me feeling that they just don't hold the road as well as Yams and Hondas.

    The list of XJRs for sale had me drooling! Is there anything in particular to be wary of buying these second hand? Are there recurring issues to be aware of?

    Keep the suggestions coming, even if they've been mentioned before. If several people start hollering about one bike over another, it may sway my preferences.

    Thanks again.
  16. You know, the simple truth is that I really like the XJR. If I can afford a good one, I'd be hard pressed to prefer anything over it, but I'm open to convincing. Any ideas on what they cost new and how they scrub up when they come up for sale second hand?

    The better prices seem to be in QLD and VIC, but that's a long way to go for a test ride! (Nice journey home though, if you buy it!)
  17. They just went fuel injected, and as a new model be hard to get the price down too much. I love the retro look of them and it would be my choice of pretty much all the bikes listed :cool:


    A mate bought a demo for a bit over $10K and has had no issues in over a year.

    Bandit also offering free luggage, you've mentioned pillion so thinking touring, will make this the best deal - again just outside of your budget, but cheaper than the XJR.


    Test ride as many as you can with your pillion - all the best with the search
  18. Triumph - Speed Triple would be a great bike. The new Street Triple is supposedly going to be close to your price range too!!!
    Cant go wrong really all the bikes are good suggestions. Depends on what colour does it for you at the end of the day.