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Looking for memrobilia or 'cool' posters and stuff

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by L0Ki, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. AS lame as that title sounds i'm not very creative.

    Got some money to spend on some stuff after christmas and was thinking of something for the walls in the bedroom.

    I was looking at some posters or metal signs or anything different to hang up on the wall. I dont mind anything. I just want something different. I like the vintage stuff alot too. Like rustic signs. But i dont want to limit myself to that.

    If theres something else out there thats nice let me know please! ;)

    I was hoping even there might be a poster you could buy that said "unless you ride you wont understand" or something along those lines. Maybe even a poster of one of those old Indian flatheads from that bejamin button movie.

    I was looking at maybe a big sized poster above my bed along with two smaller images to each side.

    It doesnt have to be motorbike related only. Reason for being in off-topic.

  2. How about something from HERE ?
  3. Go to markets and look for artists flogging their wares.

    There's a picture framing place on Gladstone Rd in Castle Hill that stock and sell metal sculptures of Alien & Predator type stuff that are pretty cool. [they're on the left-hand side, complex with the yellow signs, next to the Freedom Furniture pickup point].

    I love buying art - but stuff I like, not art for the sake of art.
    Have a framed transformers poster, an abstract oil on canvas I bought in Brazil, and a cool painting of ghostly sail-boats I bought off a backpacker who was going door-to-door in our street.

    Maybe watch the sculpture stuff if you don't have room for it, they just become clutter otherwise.
  4. Ah yea i think i know the ones your talking about. There made from like nuts and bolts and any other metal parts they could find at the time. They look pretty cool but i know someone who bought something like that and it just sat in a corner and eventually went to the shed where its slowly falling apart and getting closer and claser to being thrown out. (it was one of those ogga booga men from surf shops made of beech wood or something) Bloody heavy it is!

    I like these ideas though. A few more and i may find something that i can put on a wall :p

    It kinda sucks too because i got some "nice" (cough) things to hang on the wall including a casey stoner clock which is just a sheet of metal with a print on it (eek) so i need to kinda display em for a while then blend them out with these things that i will buy for myself.
  5. You can also order heaps of stuff online, prints, oil on canvas stuff - originals; then get them framed.

    I've been meaning to do that. Running out of wallspace, though.
  6. high interest savings account. no need for crap on the wall. :grin:


    not limited to oz, either. got a cple that are being framed atm as well as a few waiting to be framed.

    as mentioned, something you like or associate with is key otherwise what's the point. NB: pro framing can get pricey.

    yes, i'm going to hell :twisted:


    are these still in vogue? :LOL:

  7. something like this, framed?



  8. I love my old Eastern block poster collection. Anti-west propaganda and all that shit. Look at some of that, tis pretty cool.

    Oh, and I don't mean to hijack this thread, but does anybody have any paintings by Hitler, when he was doing landscape, cityscape stuff? Not OF Hitler, but by him.

    Figure it'd be a good conversation starter at parties.
  9. Actually his pictures weren't so good but :

    "Hitler... there was a painter! He could paint an entire apartment in ONE afternoon! TWO coats!" Franz Liebkind, The Producers
  10. I got a sweet Agostini/MV poster for xmas but you can't have it :p

    There's tons of good stuff around, if you're any good you can sketch or paint something for yourself coz that'll really reflect you and what you like rather than just buying something??

    If not can't really help you with anywhere in particular to buy, just look in op shops & the like coz there's always something cool being thrown away somewhere
  11. ...and i get a kick out of old-skool shenanigans.


    Bikes have been fun from the very start :grin:
  12. Printing my own picture

    So i found a photo i like and would like to blow it up to a decent size and framed. Anyone know how much this would cost and someone who can do it in Sydney for a reasonable price?


    Also where can i download a bigger version of this picture? Just going out on a limb here hoping someone knows.